Facebook’s TimeHop Clone, Making You Reminiscence Moments by Showing Your Posts from Years Ago

Facebook has introduced Time Hop Clone that shows you the posts from past years, specifying what happened the very day in the past.

Facebook has been experimenting with ways it can re-surface the old memories since 2010. It has also made you create a collage when the year ended. The latest Facebook news is that even when Timehop has top it all, hitting 6 million users (daily) via phone, social network giant’s “On This Day” will be launched soon. This feature is promising, competing and nostalgic. Imagine the day you had your first job and had put it on the social network? That being shown in “On This Day” feature will completely make you reminiscence those moments all over again. It will be showing the users their posts from past years, their photos that are a year old or maybe five or six years old.

According to the Facebook news, it has started to roll out all over the world and can be accessed from many places, www.facebook.com/onthisday , News Feed or notifications on Android, iOS, desktop or mobile web.

Timehop scours up memories from all the known social networks, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Foursquare, Dropbox, iPhoto, to name a few. On This Day is only limited to sifting through Facebook only. The product manager of the social network giant, Jonathan Gheller has not been in the favor of citing the facebook feature with Timehop and explained that this feature was created because “we see behaviors from our community and we try to build on top of them.”

According to the Facebook news today, it doesn’t plan to monetize this feature instantly. The company is of the fact that many of their users have not heard about Timehop or haven’t tried it yet but they shall enjoy reentering their Facebook memories.

On the other hand, Jonathan Wegener, CEO Timehop isn’t worried about On This Day. He expressed that he is happy that the feature must have been worth it that the social giant wished to play in their place.

The rolling out across the globe begins today and will become a bookmark in the sidebar of Facebook web and mobile apps’ navigation menu. By clicking it, or by searching “On This Day” will display feed consisting of status updates, posts and photos you had been tagged in from one or several years ago. This is a personalized feature and only you will be able to see these posts until you share them on your home page. From the On This Day page, users will have the ability to subscribe to the notifications that daily prompt you to check that date’s reminiscing feed.

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