Google Tests Hands Free For Payments Without Using Phones

The new payment application is introduced to make people pay for goods without using their phones.

Google is test launching a new application that will help buyers to pay for everything they purchase without any need to bring their wallet or phones. The technology called ‘Hands Free’ was introduced at Google’s developer conference in 2015. On March 2, 2016, the company said it was ultimately offering the facility to the masses on a pilot basis at Papa John’s, McDonald’s and other local restaurants in Silicon Valley.

The new payment system is basically a method to connect the smartphone with a point of the sales system by using sensors found on phone. The sales system becomes aware of the presence of a user’s phone, and when a user wants to pay for anything, he/she can do it by using ‘Hands Free’.

Users visit a cashier to detect the phone inside the region and equip the sales system with the ability to deduct money from the card that is tied to the new payment system. The user tells the cashier that he/she will “pay with Google”, and provide their initials to them, who follows this act by putting them in and closing the transaction. Cashiers have also discovered a method to find out what a person seems like and whether it is the same individual in the picture found on the Google profile.

Here the objective is to cut down friction in the payment procedure. This was the major effort of tools, such as Apple and Android Pay, being capable of paying for products by using one’s phone, without need to take out one’s wallet and pay through a credit card.

This is quite beneficial to businesses such as Apple and Google, because it plays a role in bringing payment systems near to phones. This increases the chance that users will pay for products with Google or Apple through a credit card, which has been saved on a phone.

If it is convenient to buy things by paying via phone, then one could easily pay charges for services and apps on App Store and Google Play. If the new service succeeds, it will help Android Pay to catch on. The Mountain View based organization said it views about 1.5 million new registrations on a monthly basis in the US, with numerous locations that are accepting Android Pay.

The payment system is compatible with Android products from Jellybean and onwards, official of the search giant, Pali Bhat said.

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