IBM Scores Three All-Star Partnerships For Sporting Watson

IBM ties up with three organizations to supply their systems with the power of Watson.

IBM has collaborated with three tech startups ‘113 industries’, ‘Spare5’ and ‘Triax TechnologiesTM’. It would collaborate with the new ventures to supply the Watson cognitive computation system’s power to a variety of sports-based systems made by them.

The cloud-computing giant is quite active in the field of sports technology; recently introducing its Sports, Fan Experience and Sports consulting practice. Ernst & Young revealed that the worth of the sports industry in the United Kingdom is £20.3 billion, while an analytical study conducted by A.T. Kearney has placed its global worth at approximately $700bn.

Given the market’s considerable value, exploring methods to improve professional sports and game, thereby taking it to the top of the sporting pile — where a major portion of money could be found — is turning into not only a personal achievement, but also a scientific technical one.

In a bid to enhance athletes’ performance, IBM has announced partnerships with 113 Industries, Spare5, and Triax TechnologiesTM. The organization would be working with the three new partners for the development of Watson-powered Cognitive applications. The objective of tie-ups is to revolutionize golf training, improve training regiments of athletes, and amplify the game-day experience for fans.

Triax Technologies is an organization based in the United States, founded three years ago, which has specialized in the development of impact sensor technology. The technology is utilized in ‘contact sports’ to provide details abount the player impacts, increasing the players’ security.

The impact sensor product would provide diverse sources of information to conduct an analysis of sentiment and infer social and cognitive characteristics to offer more holistic view of athletic performance and safety.

Established two years ago, Spare5 achieved fame with an application that lets users to complete small business tasks in return for cash. As part of its tie-up, the app developers would develop an application known as ‘Watson Golf Pro’, which leverages vision capacities, natural language and deep learning to perform an action like a personal caddy that amateur players could consult while on the course or at the driving range.

Watson would observe the method of a player to swing their club and give fundamental advice to improve. 113 Industries was established five years ago to benefit from the explosion of social media details for enterprise. By identifying customer needs from social networks, the organization plays its role to introduce new designs of products for clients. IBM would be working with 113 Industries to transform hockey fans’ gaming experience

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