Is Apple Watch Going To Help Apple Stock?

The stock of the company has been going down for some time and the analysts believe that the sales of its latest smartwatch is the last option that could actually end up helping the tech giant.

Apple Inc. has not been performing that well on the stock index for some time even though the tech giant recently carried out massive sales of its flagship smartphone product, the iPhone 6s. The fact that the giant has rolled out a product, which has failed to amuse the audience as much as it did with its smart phone, has started to become quite apparent in the market now.

According to a report published by the USA Today, it was seen that there has been an air of disappointment in the industry where most of the analysts agree on the fact that the Apple Watch is not the product that was expected to bring about a stir in the smart watch war.

Analysts who are covering the Apple stock are of the opinion that there is a rise expected to be seen on the index if the software giant reports a higher than before earnings in the upcoming earnings report. The surprising factor, which has confused the investors and analysts, is that the iPhone maker seems to be going down on the index unexpectedly and the sales of the smart phones do not seem to have a big difference on the stock activities of the company.

The iPhones were sold to the customers on a sale and even though the company carried out good sales, the Apple stock price was seen to experience a dip by a massive 5.9% in only a matter of six days. However, the loss on the S&P 500 has not come around to be that much with the percentage coming around at 1.5.

All the analysts who have been rating the Apple business positively for the past few months have turned out to be in a confused state, as they cannot make out where the stock is headed with such a negative force. Carl Icahn, who is a prominent investor in the stock of the Californian organization, gave in a few comments on the business activities of the giant but even that did not help the stock value to rise in any way.

For the tech company to survive, analysts believe that Apple Watch could turn around things for it in some way or the other. However, it is also believed that the smart watch released by the giant is not expected to help it as much as it was previously expected to do so which might not help the giant to upgrade itself on the index anytime soon.