Jeff Bezos’s Response to the NYT post on Amazon’s Culture

Concerns rise after the New York Times published an article regarding the poor working conditions at Amazon.

The article by The New York Times that was published on August 15, 2015, presented a rather undesirable picture of the culture at NYT interviewed over 100 current and former Amazon employees, who have claimed that the environment at Amazon is “bruising”.

The orientation for the new recruits was held on Monday, some of them reported to the NYT that during the orientation they were told to forget their “bad habits” that they learnt at their previous jobs. According to latest Amazon news updates, the company prefers to hire people who have no other commitments or are single as they are required to work at odd hours and throughout the week.’s motto has been “Work Hard” for the past 20 years. The chief executive officer of the company describes the company culture as “friendly and intense” and added that if a push comes to shove they’ll settle for intense. This attitude of Amazon made it a company with a market capital of $250 billion. After the article was published in the NYT, Jeff Bezos sent out a memo to his employees, according to GeekWire, the CEO of the company encouraged its employees to carefully read that article and asked his employees to send him or the HR department an email directly if they knew of any such “stories that were reported in the article.” He also added that the culture that was described in the article is not the culture that his employees or he knew of.

As stated by the CEO and President of RDM Financial Group, the environment of the company is very stressful; he added that that’s how the working conditions are in most of the companies if they are opting for excellence and want to strive in an incredibly competitive market. He further told Benzinga in an interview that if a person wants to succeed and feed his family then he has to deal with how the company works and if he is not willing to coup with it, he can always leave and work elsewhere. He believes that a company like Amazon can’t be built and be at the status that it currently is without pushing the people to their limits.

The President at Moor Insights and Strategy, Patrick Moorhead stated that if there’s any truth in what was posted by the NYT then employees working in such negative environment are not really staying for the environment but for the money and if that goes away, people are likely to leave. Despite of this bad PR hiccup, on Monday close Amazon’s stock price rose by 0.69%.

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