Journalists Secretly Trespassed Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla has alleged that its Gigafactory was trespassed by journalists and injured an employee while attempting to escape in a vehicle.

Tesla Motors has reported a criminal activity in a blog posted on Tuesday; where it purported that two Reno Gazette-Journal (RGJ) workers intruded into its Gigafactory property on Friday in Nevada, reversing a Jeep into a Tesla worker and wounding him, as they attempted to run away from the area.

The Sherrif’s Department of the Storey County, Nevada, apprehended one of the Reno Gazette-Journal workers for two counts of felonious attack with a lethal weapon and directed that both would be penalized with intrusion charges.

Tesla News revealed the high tech company’s blog post stating, “We appreciate the interest in the Gigafactory, but the repeated acts of trespassing, including by those working for the RGJ, is illegal, dangerous and needs to stop. In particular, we will not stand for assaults on our employees and are working with law enforcement to investigate this incident and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.”

Tesla News today affirmed that a complaint was made to the automaker’s safety manager on Friday that two intruders took pictures at a $5,000,000,000 Gigafactory — a lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility that is still being established. He found the two trespassers, informed them that they were intruding, and asked their names, Tesla stated. The two declined to disclose their names, even though their professional identification credentials were dangling out from their pockets.

Tesla Motors News disclosed that a second safety manager came together with the first Tesla worker, and they questioned the 2 RGJ workers to wait, as the sheriff’s department and the security administration were about to arrive. The Journal’s workers entered a Jeep marked with RGJ labels and attempted to leave.

The vehicle crashed into the safety manager’s ATV and followed by hitting the other safety manager in the waist when he climbed off the ATV. The arrest was reported by the Journal on Friday, stating, “A Reno Gazette Journal photographer was arrested Friday after an altercation with private security guards protecting the Tesla Gigafactory site in Storey County.”

The RGJ reported that Sheriff of Storey County, Gerald Antinoro, confirmed the photojournalist was booked on a charge of battery with a lethal firearm. The automobile was broken in the crash after a rock smashed the driver’s side window and his side seat belt had been expurgated in half, the article stated.

In accordance to RGJ, the sheriff stated that he could not acknowledge how the destruction occurred. It is quite likely that the incident would adversely affect the Journal’s reputation and highlight the vigilance of the automaker’s staff.

The controversial activity took place in the battery manufacturing facility, which could help the modern automaker achieve its objective of delivering 500,000 vehicles by 2020. Tesla strictly advised to not compromise on its integrity.