Microsoft Debuts An Intriguing Android Keyboard

Microsoft launches Hub Keyboard for its Android users

Microsoft Corporation made an acquisition of SwiftKeys recently, however now the company is all set to unveil a new Android based keyboard which it can rightfully call its own. This new keyboard is known as Hub Keyboard which will provide faster access to the files on Microsoft Office, your contact, the transition tool and local keyboard.

A small bar is present on the top of the keyboard device and when one taps on the icon, the device has the potential to access information from other platform on your smartphone without the need of switching to another application. When one taps on the contact button for instance, it will search for the friend and then the contact number and name will be directly inserted in the document. Moreover, while using the translate button, you type your command in English and it will be deciphered to any other language you desire.

The Hub Keyboard is a product offering designed by the Garage group of Microsoft. The platform designs experimental applications with an agenda to come up with new and intriguing ideas. The keyboard has been loaded with various interesting features such as a translation tool. However, there are certain aspects of the keyboard that actually make it nonstarter for casual daily usage.

For instance, you cannot go through auto complete suggestion while the quick access buttons are tapped on. Moreover, the document button placed on the keyboard is only beneficial for those who save their profiles via Office 365. Apart from that, MSFT has come up with a suggestion that the quick access options can be launched on the Hub Keyboard in the times to come. So all those features which are not useful can then be turned off as per your need.

All analysts who are keeping an eye of the Windows 10 giant know for a fact that the company is coming up with more and more applications on Google Android since the fiscal year of 2015. They are now offerings services like Office suite, popular email, home screen launcher and calendar apps on the platform. Moreover, it does not require a keyboard application now since it owns SwiftKeys: a popular keyboard alternate that has remained operational since years. However, Hub is now giving it another chance to gauge what features will be useful and what services it can link with its services like translation and Office 365.

Other than that, the software behemoth has also come up with another Android based application known as Sprightly this week, which will enable the business to quickly gather fliers. So far the company has not mentioned any news regarding the launch of Hub Keyboard on Apple iOS. However, the company is working on an iPhone keyboard as reported.

Hence in a nutshell, the company is strengthening their cross platform service which highlights its urge to grow. The services will help them establish a viable consumer base on other operating systems that have mass consumption.

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