Model X Insights: Features, Timeline, And Much More

Tesla Motors would launch its Model X soon, but people are anxious to know the details before the release.

Tesla Motors is about to release its Model X. The Californian automaker’s future depends on the success of the new sports utility vehicle. Tesla news exclaimed that some features of its new automobile are revealed due to leaked pictures that have been posted. The organization has clarified that its crossover would be launched after six weeks. Initially, the automobile would not be released in bulk in the next 60 days.

Tesla news today disclosed that the CEO of the company, Elon Musk, has stated that the release date of the automobile should not be assumed as a strict deadline. The first set of the vehicles would be test launched. Engineering experts will try to find out weaknesses and means to fix them in order to speed up the production method, which would be used to produce Model X.

Tesla Motors news states that Model X design studio would be opened before the end of August, but more than 20,000 orders, who have deposited an amount of money for the car, would not be delivered until the end of the year and might continue through the initial part of 2016.

For those buyers who have made a down payment of $5000 for a Model X today, they would start using the vehicle probably in the second half of 2016. Tesla would manufacture 1600 to 1800 cars per week during the next year. About 50% of those cars would be Model X.

The weight of the crossover would be 10% greater than Model S, which is enough to suggest that it is expected to have a 10% lower range. The cheapest Model X would be able to operate for more than 200 miles, while the highest level edition, which would be equipped with a 90 Kwh power pack, would probably be able to able to move more than 250 miles on single electric charge.

The new high-tech car would feature an all-wheel drive and would be supported by two electric motors. Unlike other Tesla vehicles, Model X would be equipped with a tow bar tool. An official of the company, Jim Chen, has stated that the vehicle would be capable of towing approximately 10,000 pounds.

The latest automobile would not only increase the organization’s sales revenue and market share but also improve its reputation in the corporate world, which is proving to be a battlefield for different organizations. Model X is expected to attract its customers.

Tesla’s officials should promote Model X to meet the expectations of its fans and take steps to continue its operations in an adequate manner to retain its position in the competitive auto market. Corporate management is optimistic and anticipates favorable responses from the customers and business.