Netflix Inc. Relies On Amazon More Than Ever Now

The streaming media giant relies a lot of Amazon now as it has finished its shift to the cloud technology.

After a long seven year period, Netflix Inc. has finally transitioned into Amazon’s cloud service for its video streaming business. The streaming media giant has officially shifting all of its video content into the cloud technology. This transition phase started back in 2008 and has finally ended now.

Netflix Inc. mentioned in a blog post on Thursday that it has finally shifted to Amazon Web Service. Even though the shift was successful, the online video streaming company is aware of the fact that this service comes with a number of problems including one of the episodes that happened back in September 2015. A glitch in Amazon Web Services caused a temporary outrage in Netflix’s server.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, back in August 2015 this move of migrating the video streaming service to the cloud service included the organization’s billing infrastructure, the subscribers and employees data management — and all this would be managed by the AWS. Following the migration, the video media giant became the largest company in the world to be running on the cloud servers.

It has officially marked a milestone in its enterprise, as during the current week it announced that it shut down most of its on-premises data centers that carried most of the organization’s data. Furthermore, it has running on of its IT functions on the cloud now which include data processing, analytics, distributed databases etc.

Back when Amazon Web Service reported a glitch in its system due to which Netflix had to suffer; the company mentioned in a post that they have hit some inevitable rough patch in its cloud service due to which there has been an outrage. However, since making the shift the business stated that these glitches have become more rare and the company manages to live up to its goal of being online 99.9% of the time which means that in case there is a problem in the servers the service would only be down for over 53 minutes in a year’s time.

Before the streaming media giant went towards the cloud technology, it would go through a number of outrages during the year in its data center — this was one of the reasons why it went towards the service in 2008. Now, the company has more than eight times the subscribers it used to have back in that time and as the customers increase in number, it will need to work on being more efficient.

Netflix stock is being traded for a share price of $87.40 indicating an increase of 1.22%.

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