New Dell Latitude Laptop

Dell has introduced Dell Latitude 12 7000 Series, with potential to attract the business class.

The American high-tech computer manufacturer, Dell, has introduced a new laptop in the digital world, Dell Latitude 12 7000 Series. The price of that product is in excess of $1308. The features of the product include ‘1920 x 1080’ resolution touch screen, Chiclet style keyboard, a removable battery, carbon fiber lid, and a number of ports. The battery of the new product has a life of 9 hours. This duration is evident that the pioneer has focused on the user-friendliness of the advance machine.

Dell news reported that the latest product has been designed to cope up with extreme environments. This ability is likely to improve its survival prospects in different regions of the world. The device’s keyboard is quite user-friendly, as it is quite convenient to use. Experienced business laptop users might be skeptical, as a pointing stick has not been installed in it.

Dell stock stated that the connectivity of the laptop is excellent. Some features include an Ethernet port, mini Display port, a Noble security port, a headset jack, an high definition multiple user interface port, a Smart card reader, and three universal standard bus 3.0 ports on the sides of the device. It has been equipped with a system memory of 8 gigabytes and a ‘Windows 8.1 Pro’ operating system. A 3-year warranty is offered with product, which is expected to contribute in attracting a large number of customers. Intel Core i5–5300 processor is likely to ensure that the product is able to perform in a very effective manner and attract a large number of modern laptop users.

Dell computers highlighted that this machine has attained an ‘awesome’ score of 2839 points in a personal computer test. This information is sufficient to indicate the potential of this device. It has also passed a number of other high tech tests, which include Handbrake, and Adobe Photoshop CS6 test. Industry sources have revealed that only a few products have been able to perform better in the multimedia tests. These products include Retina Display and Apple MacBook 13 inch.

Experts hold the view that the extra portability of the laptop is likely to attract a large number of business users. The disclosed information suggests that it has the ability to compete fiercely with its rivals. The design is likely to penetrate the product in the target market. However, the market capturing ability of the product has to be witnessed.

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