Tesla Loses One Designer To Karma Automotive

Tesla’s leading designer has joined Karma Automotive to manage interior designing

Apparently, there is a change of pace in the interior design team of Tesla. While recently Electrek reported the carmaker recruited the leading designer behind the interior of Porsche Mission E, the publication has now learnt that now two leading designers from the interior team of the Palo Alto based company have quitted since the inception of 2016 and that the newest to leave just joined rival Karma Automotive recently.

Patrick Grimmel, who served Tesla as its senior interior designer in the past half a decade, left the vehicle maker previously in 2016 for freelancing and Tesla’s leading interior designer Andro Franco Luis from the past five years, left in March. Now, we have come to know he joined the Anaheim based company, which was previously called Fisker Automotive, as an Interior Design Manager. Andro has approximately a dozen years of designing experience in his tenure working for Volkswagens and BMW before working for Tesla.

The high level of public bankruptcy of Fisker Automotive led to the birth of Karma Automotive. The Chinese auto part conglomerate ‘Wanxiang Group’ bought the assets of the company. It has since continued to invest heavily in the company as it hopes to re-launch the first automobile of Fisker; a plug-in SUV, which The Country Caller claimed is amongst the first manufacturing hybrid vehicles of the world.

While the group renamed the organization ‘Karma’ to move itself from the unsuccessful Fisker, until lately, it retained the name Karma for its forthcoming automobile, which will probably look quite similar to its initial model. Now in what looks to be a highly controlled disclosure to Fortune and the Wall Street Journal, the organization disclosed it amended the car’s name to ‘Revero’.

By combining the Latin “vero” and “re”, Revero has been created, which the organization has translated to “truth.” The automobile will be introduced in late 2016 and manufacture in the next year. The initial Karma was equipped with a 2-liter hybrid electric powertrain. The company signed a supply contract with the German automaker Bayerische Motoren Werke AG for hybrid powertrains in late 2015.

BMW equipped many automobiles with similar hybrid systems, including BMW 330e and BMW 225xe. The Fisker Karma used to have a more conventional luxurious look, whereas the Model S is viewed as more minimalistic with the entire user experience moving around the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Electrek is seeing more automobiles rolling out with a more noticeable center design as a part of the interior design recently, such as the newest Prius for instance, it will be interested to see what the company will do after it gets the leadership of its new interior design from Musk’s organization.

We shall be aware in the upcoming year if the newly named vehicle is really the genuine king or a better performer than Tesla’s flagship car Model S.

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