Tesla Motors Faces Limelight Appreciation in Australia

Tesla Motors faces the limelight in Australia by winning awards and public appreciation.

In the ever-changing vehicle manufacturing industry of Australia, Tesla’s all-electric Model is now the 2015 carsales.com.au Car of the year. Introducing new performance standards, luxury and driving range for a powered vehicle, the electrified premium vehicle was announced victorious after sought- after CCOTY award.

Tesla earnings reported that the vehicle was also acknowledged as the Best Green Car. Whereas, the company had appeared the first time in the carsales Car of the Year awards, which are known for combining a distinctive integration of essential assessment, consumer involvement, retained cost, affordability appraisals and proprietorship cost.

Various manufacturing organizations were multiple winners this year, including Ford (Ranger and Fiesta ST), German vehicle ‘Mercedes-Benz’ (CLS-Class and C-Class), Porsche’s Cayman and Macan, and Mazda’s 6 Wagon, CX-3 and CX-5.

Tesla news affirmed that Mercedes C-Class and CLS-Class showed its stronghold on the luxurious automotive market. Both automobiles have succeeded in repeatedly winning prestigious classes (over/under $100,000) this year. Despite of all its Dieselgate issues, Volkswagen AG’s Golf succeeded in holding its position as Best Family Car according to program $30,000, whereas Skoda succeeded in winning its first prize with Fabia, named as Best First Car.

Also winning the category for the another year subsequently were the Porsche’s Cayman (best performance automobile over $1,000,000), Porsche Macan (best SUV over $50,000), and Mazda CX-5 (best SUV offered at a price lesser than $50,000). Like Model S, Ford Ranger has also succeeded in winning two awards — Best off-road 4X4 and Best Tradie vehicle.

Tesla news today disclosed that carsales.com.au CEO, Greg Roebuck, stated the Model S is a transformer of the industry in Australia’s automotive market. He said, “While Tesla is a fledgling car company, it has set the tone for the next generation of automobile evolution. Tesla will change the auto industry. Companies with 100-year histories are scrambling to catch up. Tesla has done so with innovative technology and a fearless desire to sidestep existing practices.”

As per reports of motoring.com.au (editorial arm of carsales.com.au), Mr. Greg stated that the carsales judges appreciated Model S for its modernized technology, realistic actual world range and sorted operating dynamics — top specification of more than three times that of the rest of all electric fuelled automobiles.

Tesla Motors news reported that Tesla Australia’s official, Heath Walker, stated, “Our aspiration at Tesla was to show that the Model S can truly be better than a petrol car, helping overcome perceived barriers and advancing the adoption of sustainable transport.“

It could be assumed that the received award would play a key role in motivating Tesla’s workforce and enhance its customer base. The organization is struggling to compete amidst rising rivals in the electric automobile industry. It has decided to continue the innovation by introducing driverless feature.