Toyota Does Not Favor Autonomous Cars

Toyota Motor Corp, the leading automaker is not willing to embrace the fact that self-driven cars are about to make their way. However, the company believes that the new technology is pretty absurd and will not be as user friendly as many perceive it to be.

At this time many automakers across the globe are working out ways to make their way in the autonomous car market. However, according to the Toyota news, the company has a fairly different strategy in mind and is also currently working on a fairly different technology,

According to Toyota, the world even at this fast paced stage is still not ready to use self-driven cars. According to them, automakers might be able to flush out cars in the years to come but they will never be able to make users convenient with the mechanism of it for at least the couple of years to come.

According to latest Toyota news auto blog, the company at this point of time does not want to stereotype by offering autonomous cars like all other automakers but is apparently working on a device that will keep a track of the driver’s retina in order to ensure that the driver is paying his utmost attention while driving.

According to the company’s eyelid detection patent, they believe that humans still need to pay attention while driving and it requires coordination between the human and the vehicle. However, Google’s strategy about this is completely different. The tech maestro is coming up with such devices that will not require any human input whatsoever. Likewise, Tesla also believes that human intervention will not be required for autonomous cars in the coming 20 years or so.

Toyota work on this technology is not something completely out of the box as several companies earlier have worked on this technology. Basically, the software for eyelid detection has a camera that is permanently fixed. The purpose of this camera is to continuously track the eye lid movement so that the device can access how open the eyes of the driver really are.

As reported by Auto Blog, Toyota Motors at this stage has not really mentioned that the technology offered by them is something out of the box. However, the automaker believes that what they will offer will be different from the masses. They claim that usually such technologies produce false results and also lack precision. This causes problems from them and paves room for Toyota to improve it.

Hence, Toyota is all set to change the game for automakers but does not want to enter the autonomous car sector.