Uber Provides Chopper Service To Attendants Of Film Festival

Uber has decided to provide helicopter-riding services to the participants of the Cannes Film Festival in France.

The American taxi service, Uber, has decided to provide helicopter riding services to the participants of the Cannes Film Festival in France. Uber news informed that the transporter has collaborated with the French chopper firm, Helipass, to introduce this service. The firm would charge $180 for serving four people, which encompasses a chauffeured car ride from the airport to the heliport.

Uber news today informed that a ‘limo’ would be employed to transfer passengers to the center of Cannes. Market sources have revealed that more than 200,000 people would attend the well-known international film festival. It is probable that the service would improve the corporate image, as a large number of people would witness and facilitate from the service.

The management of the company expects that a number of directors and A-list movie stars attending the festival would use the 7-minute flying ride. Last year, the taxi company had offered a private jet service to the attendants of the same event and charged $9000 for flying four passengers.

During the famous event, interested attendees could call one of the seven flying machines using the Uber application installed on their smartphones. The service provider has previously provided the chopper service to the attendants of the Coachella festival in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.

Uber technologies affirmed that in 2014, the firm’s management faced some difficulties in the movie event when conventional taxi drivers protested against both, unauthorized drivers and the firm’s interference in their market. The firm is recommended to devise strategies to ensure the prevention of such incident; otherwise, it would suffer for integrity issues.

Government sources highlighted that the French law enforcers would conduct spot checks on taxis in Cannes this time around to make sure that all drivers with passengers are complying with the laws of the state. Experts stated that the initiative would soften its reputation in the European Union, where it had suffered at the hands of officials of different governments.

The taxi company’s experience in the European transport market has already suffered from consequences, as a number of governments have not only alleged it but have also acted against it. The Dutch transport regulators had raided its offices after the taxi hailing service was declared illegal by the court of Holland. The German authorities had also taken legal action against it after its services were banned in Germany.

The attendant’s response would determine the service’s chances of succeeding in the French territory. However, it is expected that the aviation service would add to its popularity.

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