How do you make programmers in a startup work 60–80 hours a week?
Gerry Dimova

I agree with your excellent points here, but I think it is important to dispel the idea that ANYONE can really work 80 hour weeks.

Dispel this myth first because it is the premise of the question.

As I point out in my quora response to the same question… the math is simple: with an 80 hour work week, people will have only 30 minutes a week for personal time. 5 minutes a day.

This precludes anyone from having relationships, being a parent, or otherwise living a human life.

With that in mind, the desire to have a person work that much is to deprive them of a life worth living, and thus is an immoral urge, akin to scheming about how to enslave someone.

If you in any way need this kind of time commitment from anyone much less programmers, then your business is broken. If you desire to implement it, then your humanity is broken.

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