Not Even He Can Mess This Up
Michael Brune

Thanks for this! I continue to make the case on right leaning message boards and Facebook channels that whatever our differences, and however much we like Trump’s call for High Speed Rail during his campaign which would create tremendous blue collar jobs, Coal is just not the answer, and further subsidizing dirty fuels while denigrating climate science is just plain bad for America.

The fact is Solar installation and Turbine Engineering are some of the hottest blue collar high paying jobs — and you don’t have to dig in a cave while getting black lung to do it!

Hopefully Trump will move forward with a message of creating clean energy jobs, not just putting coal bosses even further ahead in line so they don’t have to move back to creating jobs that cannot be automated.

Home install and Turbine require steady, scalable work that creates even more great paying clean-energy work up in the wind and sun!

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