Olympic Reality: No One Really Wants A Whistle Blower
steve magness

This is a great write up and I agree with your assessment of the faith of whistle blowers. However the scale of cheating in sports today is such that I thought a ban on Russia would have been simply a convenient political act. Given the level of cheating from the past still being uncovered, it would be hard to justify not banning everyone other than a handful of countries where the science to hide drug cheating doesn’t exist.

That state sponsored doping exists amongst states such as Russia and I would argue, China, is simply an offshoot of their positions/political systems. Western countries don’t do so simply because they know they can leave it in the hands of private enterprise because all those new cocktails and masking agents certainly weren’t been developed by the athletes themselves and at such scale, they wouldn’t exist without the national sports associations looking the other way.

Personally for me, most sports are tarnished and only certain team sports don’t put me off. The druglympics remains a spectacle and I may enjoy the feats but I certainly do not bother about the actual outcomes or trust that the athletes were clean.

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