Blockchain influence the energy field much

Blockchain is used in the energy field of the economy more often. According to the forecast of the analytical company INFOHOLIC Research LLP, the volume of blockchain products in the industry by 2024 will increase from today’s $ 200 million to $ 3.5 billion.

The main application of blockchain technology in the energy field is to automate the work of enterprises, improve their efficiency, mainly by reducing costs.

INFOHOLIC Research LLP forecast is based on the study of the experience of application of distributed registry technology in the energy field of Europe, Asia, North America and the Middle East.

It is worth saying that INFOHOLIC Research LLP is not the first to give a forecast about the prospects of blockchain technology in the energy field. Prior to it, Zion Market Research has already shared its vision of the situation, according to which the future of blockchain in the energy sector are even more efficient with an increase in the use of 70–80 percent annually, the final result of 2024 should be 12 billion US dollars.