Investments in deep-sea projects are increasing!

Jul 17 · 2 min read

One of the research areas of Wood Mackenzie is the energy sector. WoodMac experts decided to find out where in the oil and gas sector in 2019 the most money will be invested . It turned out that such projects are offshore oil and gas deep-sea projects.

Investments therein can amount to 80 billion dollars, which is four times higher than the level of 2018 which was 20 billion dollars spent last year on deep-sea development.

Not such impressive growth rates on investments, are in the field of oil and gas projects in the upstream segment, although funding has been increasing for the third year in a row, but this growth will not be compared with deep-sea projects.

Today, investors who make decisions and invest in the implementation of oil and gas projects are united by the desire to get projects with large reserves that can provide production for a long period. And many deep-sea projects meet this requirement.

In general WoodMac notes the significant resources of deep-sea oil fields so, for example, the final investment decisions are now waiting for the largest deep-sea projects in Brazil, in particular, new stages are expected in the projects of the national oil company Petrobras on the fields of Mero, Roncador, Marlim, Sepia and Buzios. ExxonMobil is progressing with phases 3–6 at the giant Liza field in Guyana.

WoodMac predicts continued growth of investments in such projects, based on their research has shown that recently it has become particularly effective for the final investment decisions for deep-sea projects.


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