RES potential in Russia

Sep 18 · 2 min read

Despite the fact that Russia has enormous hydro resources, nuclear power, oil and gas, the development of renewable energy is one of the main goals for the next years.

Vast territory of Russia includes small towns, villages and remote settlements far from large cities, and the development of renewable energy is the opportunity to have uninterrupted electricity or gas at home. RES can be a real salvation.

Of course, many people know that the development of “green energy” in Russia began recently and the share of alternative energy sources is small still. But, the government and private businesses plan to achieve a faster development in this area.

And with the capabilities and resources of Russia, there is no doubt that RES will receive a good impulse for development in the near future.

Let’s consider a small example of where you can use renewable sources and how. In Dagestan (a Republic within the Russian Federation) there is potential for the development of alternative energy.

There is, for example, the possibility to use some areas for the installation of solar panels. And what is important, there are tested technologies, and nowadays it is possible to totally transfer sites of budget financing such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens to local provision of heat and hot water. This will at least save up to 40% of the existing budget costs. Geothermal energy should also be mentioned, because there is also the possibility of development. The Northern territories such as Tarumovsky and Kizlyar districts are rich with geothermal resources with temperatures up to 180 degrees with a total energy capacity of up to 500 MW.

Nowadays environmental issues are of great importance, it will be impossible to operate without the use of renewable energy and Russia continues to develop in this direction.


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