Special oilfield equipment design and installation

The process of oil and gas fields development and operation is associated with various technological problems to be solved, caused by a multitude of factors, such as petroleum gas separation, utilization or recovery, water phase, mechanical impurities and sand separation, well production refinery in accordance with state standards. It is necessary to register the amount of products pumped and produced to determine the well operation mode, as well as to apply various methods and complications reducing technologies to provide the safe onsite operation.

A number of such problems can be solved with standard oilfield equipment, such as primary water and oil collection and preparation units, gas separators, meters or production counters, chemicals injection plants and others.

However, if there is any special operating condition, for example, changing the oil properties (extraction of heavy and super-heavy or high paraffin oil), extreme weather conditions (arctic conditions), special physical and chemical characteristics of reagents or process fluids applied, then some difficulties might occur with using standard technologies.

It is impossible to use standard volumetric methods to measure extra-heavy oil with a high gas factor of more than 1000 m3 per 1 ton of oil produced. To solve this problem, units combining the methods of volumetric and karyolitic product recording should be used.

Special step impact devices combining thermal, static, dynamic and mechanical action on the products should be used during oil production from oil mud.

In case if it is impossible to install the large-scale stationary units for the formation water discharge, it is necessary to place the facility temporary on a small area. Modular mobile or cluster formation water discharge units are designed for such purpose, taking into account additional requirements for gas, oil properties and mechanical impurities.

For the oil transportation through pipelines in the conditions of constantly increasing oil production rates, there is a problem of the pipeline capacity increasing, that could be solved with chemical reagents based on various polymers. Due to the properties of the overwhelming part of such reagents, they precipitate when stored or placed in the injection tank, so further injection is impossible. Dynamic stirring of the product, both in storage tanks and directly in the reagent supply tank provides stable injection.

Leading domestic institutions are involved in the development of the projects above and others, which introduce innovative solutions and import substitution technologies into development process.

Our company holds strong positions in the special equipment design, supply, installation, and service in Russia and the CIS countries. Projects are being developed in Latin America and Central Africa. The TECHNOTEC partners give high rates of the equipment operation and look forward for cooperation.