Technotec Digital To Expand Its DLT Expertise

Technotec Digital announced this week the completion of another M&A. This time a an acquisition agreement was concluded with EVOLTECH. Thus, Technotec Digital has further expanded its competencies in the field of information and DLT technology.

By the time of the merger, the company EVOLTECH had hold a leading position in the information technology market of Ukraine. Its competencies extended to e-commerce, entertainment and media, social networks, and corporate offerings. The company’s IT department had a wealth of experience in creating applications for all types of mobile devices running all operating systems. The company’s portfolio includes hundreds of projects carried out in the interests of both Ukrainian and large international customers.

Technotec Digital Founder Vadim Tverskov stressed that M&A of EVOLTECH will enable Technotec Digital to expand its IT competencies, which, doubled with the recent acquisition of the Ideasoft Group, will make Technotec Digital’s expertise even more comprehensive.

According to EVOLTECH CEO Valery Edelev, after signing the M&A agreement, the company will be a structural unit of Technotec Digital, its RnD DEV office in Kiev. The company’s staff will not undergo any revolutionary changes: the personnel policy after the acquisition will be aimed at retaining experienced, highly professional staff to continue working on current and new projects in the interests of Technotec Digital.