The specialists of “TEСHNOTEС” conducted pilot field tests for “Orenburgneft” PJSC successfully

Mar 4 · 2 min read

The main work principles of “TECNOTEC” company and its personnel is improvement of professional level and obtaining new experience. That is why, works at the wells of “Orenburgneft” PJSC are very important, there our specialists have successfully tested a new for the company type of work.

This January pilot field test of hydrogen sulfide chemical scavenger DESTROL RM 31D with “Orenburgneft” PJSC was completed, our specialists had not only to prepare oil, but also to approve the expenditure rate of the reagent in the well-killing solutions during well service and workover of wells producing products containing hydrogen sulfide.

It should be noted that it was the first experience of such type of work for “TECHNOTEC”, because before there was the experience in the neutralization of hydrogen sulfide mainly in the preparation of oil.

The customer has determined two main objectives for our company:
First is to estimate the algorithm for calculating the flow rate of the hydrogen sulfide neutralizer, taking into account the geological and technical conditions of the well and the hydrogen sulfide content in the extracted products.

Second is to ensure safe wells repair containing hydrogen sulfide (reducing the risk of exceeding the MPC (maximum permissible concentration) at the wellhead in the process of workover, taking into account the risks of harm to the health of personnel involved in the repair process)).

As a result of the work, the specialists of the company “TECHNOTEC” has successfully conducted pilot tests, and also applied in practice new and most correct calculation of the reagent expenditure rate for the relevant conditions.

Thus, the efficiency of the reagent was increased and the minimum effective dosage was determined to neutralize hydrogen sulfide in the air environment of the working area during killing wells.


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