Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) as we know, are well-known for being legally freestyle and easy-going towards laws and regulations imposed by authorities. Ever since the DAO attack and more than 80% of ICOs being declared as a scam, the regulators are keeping a strong vigil on the ICOs. The scenario is the same throughout the globe, investors are escaping the ICOs and most regulators have a strong opinion on regulating the tokens. This gave birth to Security Tokens which are backed by real assets such as gold, silver, equity, funds etc., …

In the United States, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has started issuing guidance on how to handle the cryptocurrencies being sold in ICOs. They’re working hard to protect the residents from fraudulent schemes. For any entrepreneur, the practical applications of Blockchain are perhaps the democratization of fundraising. Blockchain solution in a venture capital ecosystem enables entrepreneurs to tokenize the equity and bringing liquidity to venture capital and angel investors in return. …

Fintech is a much-hyped buzzword in the financial services industry these days and everyone from the corporate giants to the infant startups is talking about it. Though Fintech is gaining this attention for all the right reasons, its specific meaning always gets diluted along the way. It is proclaimed to be a game-changing, disruptive innovation that holds the capability of shaking up the traditional financial markets. This blog aims to clearly define what is Fintech and how Blockchain technology is driving disruption in the financial services industry.

What is Fintech?

Fintech, an abbreviation for Financial Technology that describes the evolving intersection of financial…

The traditional accounting is a labor-intensive work which brings upon huge human resource cost along with lower efficiency. The entire ecosystem also involves a lot of audit of orders, delivery notes, invoicing and payment records which are usually maintained by third-party verifications.

How auditing currently works:

  • The organization’s management prepares the financial report. It must be prepared in accordance with legal requirements and financial reporting standards.
  • The organization’s directors approve the financial report.
  • Auditors start their examination by gaining an understanding of the organization’s activities and considering the economic and industry issues that might have affected the business during the…

The blockchain is the new buzzword in the IT sector for the past few years now. The amazing success of Bitcoin might have made you develop your interest in the blockchain technology. It is indeed a completely new, different as well as practical usage of cryptography and mathematical techniques. If we talk in further technical terms blockchain is it distributed database or you can say an online repository that can be accessed by anybody who can connect to the internet. This open, decentralized database can be used in handling any kinds of a transaction involving value, money, goods, property or…

The two mega trends IoT and Blockchain are causing a great deal of hype and excitement in the wider business world. Experts claim that these technological trends are geared up to revolutionize all aspects of our daily lives, however, others stipulate that there is a huge amount of hot air around both domains, and a plenty more is yet to be proved.

If we combine these global trends together and in theory, as a result, we will get an immutable, verifiable, secure and a permanent method of recording healthcare data. …

As the name suggests, unbanked is a person who doesn’t own a bank account to save assets. Such people are unable to use the facilities provided by the banks because they find themselves in a no man’s land when it comes to convenience, fund security and bank schemes.

For the unbanked, it is next to impossible to save and transfer money securely as they don’t have access to formal and safe financial services. When they need urgent money, they usually depend on other informal ways for financial requirements like borrowing from friends and family, or random moneylenders. …

On 11th October 2018, we hosted a webinar- “Tag, Trace ,Track and Trade: Digitizing the Value Chain with Blockchain”. The complete session ran for about 30 minutes. The webinar covered the challenges prevailing in the current pharma industry and how blockchain can help in solving them.

Following topics were covered during the webinar:

  • The State of the Current Pharma Ecosystem
  • Challenges Prevailing in the Pharma Industry
  • Blockchain Answers for Pharma Problems
  • Current Blockchain Applications in Pharma
  • Future of Blockchain in Pharma Industry

Key takeaways:

  • There is a complete shift in the pharma consumer base. It is a crucial tipping…

The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, pharma has spent the last three decades as a consistently top-performing industry. This sector has transformed a lot over the past years paving ways for new opportunities and challenges.

What role does Blockchain play in transforming the Pharma Industry?

Find out in our Webinar -“Tag, Trace ,Track and Trade Digitizing the Value Chain with Blockchain” featuring Ankur Maheshwari, CEO of Techracers.

The pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain is vast and complex. Products are transferred along the chain from suppliers to manufacturers to distributors to re-packagers to retailers, changing hands many times…

This video, our developer is demonstrating a Sample Smart Contract (mentioned below) and its deployment. He also explained how to initiate a Token transfer by exposing an ERC20basic interface on Remix IDE and under what criteria the transactions fail to occur.

Check out the developer presentation here:

Read the complete blog here:

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