As emerges from an analysis of the World Economic Forum, the recent financial crisis and the uneven recovery have slowed down the process of globalization and technological innovation in key 4.0.

The choice of some to close economies through protectionism and nationalist politics, does nothing but lead us to a…

As already confirmed several times, companies are increasingly aware of the importance of data collection and analysis. Data Mining, in particular, consists of all activities that aim to extract information from an indefinite amount of data. Every form of knowledge starting from raw data. What identifies this tool is its…

The concept of Industry 4.0 has now been assimilated by all company levels, but what does the digital revolution really mean? What is the focus of change, the key to being truly competitive and taking advantage of the opportunities available?

The answer is very simple, but not trivial: knowing how…


The manufacturing execution system (MES) is a solution that can be implemented in the production process to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the production itself.

Companies can benefit from this integration with product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to transform production processes…

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The digital transformation that concerns different types of businesses is not just a “trend”, but a revolution linked to customer experience. The expectations and needs of users have led to an evolution of production activities.

Technologies able to keep pace with the customer are AI and Blockchain.

Blockchain in particular…

How to manage the production’s processes and increase efficiency


Before facing the issue of “industrial automation”, businesses need to identify individual processes, evaluate the necessary changes to be made, elaborate a new perspective on work performance, and understand what are the ideal ways to introduce digital management.

This implies the organization of meetings among the heads of departments to…


La realizzazione di un mercato unico digitale è alle porte.

La Commissione europea ha esposto un piano strategico per concretizzare il libero flusso di dati e facilitarne la circolazione, con particolare attenzione rivolta al tema della protezione delle informazioni. Questo aspetto risponde alla crescente volontà da parte delle aziende europee…

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