Always pitch Value versus Sale

Day 14

I wanted to write about why Value Pitching is so much better than Sales Pitching.

“Don’t try to sell what you wanna sell. Sell what people wanna buy, even if they don’t know it yet”

As a founder of an early stage, IRememba, I’ve spent hours trying to understand and process my thoughts around the way we approach a business and how we think of a customer. I am a customer of my own business.

And since I don’t have prior experience in entrepreneurship, it gives me an unbiased/unadulterated perspective on the way I think Business.

When it comes to pitching your product/business, that includes — selling to your customers, pitching to investors, consulting with advisors, talking about your business at networking events etc, Always think of a Value Pitch and never a Sale pitch.

Basically, whatever that comes out of your mouth should bleed VALUE and not cry — “Gimmme all your $$”.

“A Sale is just like any relationship — the more you put in, the more you’ll get out”

Ever wondered why we dislike (read hate) Sales people (esp those cold calls) so ? ..cuz they are full of shit and add 0 value for us.

Here’s how I see it:

Sale pitch: You validate yourself! i.e. talk for hours about your product and don’t give a rat’s @$$ to the customer

Value Pitch: You validate your customer! i.e. you talk about how you understand their needs and here’s why product ‘X’ is best for them.

Picture this example:

Cold Sale: You’re at a bar and see a girl. You think she’s the one for you (read Target Audience) and you approach her with a cheesy pick-up line. Chances are, you’ll get shunned down and you’ll move onto your next random target in the crowd until you make a sale.

This approach is very time consuming, there’s no method to it and it adds no value to the Buyer or the Seller.

Value Pitch: You’re single, ready to mingle. You list down your preferences you would like in your girl (read Identify your Target Market), You make time to find the spots where your targets hang out (read Identify your Target Audience personas), you observe and survey your audience (read Validate your Value Hypotheses), you listen more and talk less, you understand them better and THEN present (supply) the product (yourself) in a way that meets or exceeds your target audience’s demand.

Now, in this case, your success rate dramatically goes up, there’s a method to the whole madness and since you’re adding so much value, you stand a greater chance of a meaningful, long-term relationship (read Repeat Business)

So, next time you think about Pitching (Business or Relationship), just remember to validate your audience, listen more, talk less and not toot your own horn, you fucking salesman!!


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