Here’s How I use Music to Motivate Me

Day 13

Music is a great way to clear your Noisy (read restless) mind.

Music touches us in more ways than we can imagine and it is important for me to give it it’s due credit.
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I listen to every kind of music — you name it and I will find something that I like about that genre or type of music.

Depending upon the situation, the kind of Music you listen to, can create Ambient noise to hit that sweet spot that may alter your state of mind.

I mostly listen to music in my Car and my choice of music is totally dictated by what I’m heading into. Say —

If I’m heading into work, I’d put on some Dubstep or Celtic

If I’m getting back from work, I’d jam to some Dubstep or Progressive Psychedelic Trance

If I’m going to hit tennis, I’d play Trance or Electronic

If I’m traveling and will be driving for long , I’d put on switch between local radio stations, bollywood music, and pop music.

But, in everyday life, I find lyrics all too distracting and don’t really care for memorizing them et all, unless I naturally really, really like a song. The way I put it is that Lyrics are good for a long drives :)

If I was to recall off the top of my head, some of my fav numbers that get me lip-syncing every time will be:

I’m a 90s kid —

Everybody — Backstreet Boys

I would walk 500 miles — The Proclaimers

Summer of ’69 — Bryan Adams

Careless Whisper — George Michel

We Will Rock You — Queen

I wanna be your underwear — Bryan Adam

+Boulevard of broken dreams — Green Day

Life/Motivation —

Hall of Fame — The Script

Am I wrong — Nico and Vinz

Written in the stars — Tinie Tempah

Counting Stars — One republic

Renegades — XAmbassadors

RadioActive — Imagine Dragons

I like Real Music, Real Songs!! …that have some body and depth to them; unlike 99% of the Pop music which is essentially about sex, drugs and beiber (yes, lowercase ‘b’ is on purpose)

Essentially, my everyday music consists of —

My Stage Songs = Hall of Fame — The Script, Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor — ‘Rocky’ Tribute)

My Life songs = Renegades (XAmbassadors), Alessia Cara — Here

My Lounge mixes: Enigma, Chill Out Lounge Mix Vol. 01

My Soul/Spirit/Peace/Calm: Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua

Gregory Ciotti Wrote an marvelous piece a few days ago, which has some GREAT examples of all kinds of music geared towards productivity — “How Music Affects Your Productivity

Keep Moving and Keep Jamming!

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