Thoughts On Google’s “Shutdown” Of Picasa

Interesting post, Lars. As a long time user, as much as I used to Love Picasa, I easily moved on to Google Photos — Purely from Convenience standpoint. Sure the better features in Google Photos have their quirks, but, overall, it saves me a lot of time cuz — Super Easy, Super Awesome and Super Free! .. the same attributes that Picasa has :). But, when Google Photos arrived, it only made logical sense for me to start using it over Picasa, cuz I knew Google will merge Picasa with Photos.

I Actually published a Blog Post about a similar topic and I used some excerpts from your post and provided backlinks to here. If you would like to review it and suggest any updates, I would be happy to do so + would appreciate any insights as well.

I hope your other project “Relive Events” is doing well as well. Wish the best!

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