Jaguar future cars will read driver’s brain, heart rate and breathing.
Future Jaguars and Land Rovers will be safer by adding a “sixth sense”. The Sixth Sense project includes technologies that measure brain activity, breathing and heart rate. If on the basis of impaired concentration and hence danger, the driver is alerted.

Future Jaguars will monitor your Brain, Heart rate and Breathing.

The purpose of the Sixth Sense project is also reducing the number of accidents, and are being used in disciplines such as sports, medicine, and aerospace. An important part is to test the ability to track the brain waves of the driver in the car. This sensors sense the drivers’ brain waves through the hands, and if the frequency of points is reduced — like when a driver is feeling drowsy — the driver can be alerted by visual and/or audible signals, but also by a vibration in the pedal.

To measure how the Jaguar Land Rover investigates sensor technology in medical science, sensors in the seat detect vibrations from the heart and breathing. This can be noted for example, increased stress levels in addition to acute problems too. This is especially important in autonomous driving cars. There are situations that even autonomous vehicles have failed. This technology is designed to quickly determine if it can be done safely. At elevated stress levels it can take the ambient lighting and the audio system.

To further improve the speed and efficiency of controls, it develops Jaguar Land Rover ‘Mid-Air Touch’. A ‘predictive’ touch plays the leading role. The movements of the driver’s direction towards the screen are tracked by cameras. Thus one can predict what will serve the driver, well before he/she touches the screen, and the command is already running. Ultrasonic sensors provide “confirmation,” for example a ‘tap’ or against a vibration in the finger. Tests show that the control system can proceed thereby 22% faster. The time at which the driver looks at the display is reduced by the same factor — the eyes remain longer focused on the road.

A haptic accelerator can also contribute to a higher level of safety. With the extra resistance in the pedal, the driver can be warned for example that he threatens to exceed the speed limit. And a vibration in the pedal when driving slowly to warn about approaching too close to the vehicle ahead. The haptic pedal can also help to reduce the number of visual and audible warnings. Jaguar Land Rover also investigates to determine about the driver’s decisions, thus make better decisions faster.