iPhone 7- A giant Leap Towards Technologically Augmented Future!

Image Source: Business Insider

A minuscule change, a massive change, a drastic change — This one word CHANGE often has too many adjectives written around it! And this change is the only reason why technology still survives and paves way for massive transformation in the future!

There have been many criticisms around the release of iPhone7 in the market. With the missing headphone jack, telescopic camera lens, water resistant or dust resistant body, faster processor, longer battery life and the much discussed AirPods- Apple has successfully created a buzz around it. Like always!

That’s the beauty of Apple products; it is always a step ahead of User Experience and Technology. And how much ever the products gain criticism in the beginning, they will turn out to be revolutionary. These days, whichever digital medium you access, there is a fuss about AirPods and how easily one will lose it. It takes courage to introduce wireless headphones and removing the headphone jack when the entire world is accustomed of using it. But that’s what technology is all about, right? Bringing in something that isn’t already there? If Apple wouldn’t have done it, someone else would have!

What sets AirPod from the normal headphones is that it can do more than play songs and control volume. It is an intelligent device that portends how the sound quality of every possible headset will transform. Of course, you must have heard that the Bluetooth ear buds are powered by Apple’s Intelligent Personal Assistant- Siri and Artificial Intelligence on the whole. Every year, all the aficionados turn towards Apple products in search of innovation and something that is really valuable as well as magical.

Going against all the odds!

Well, why is everything surrounded with the introduction of Bluetooth headsets? Here is the answer!

The home button has a revolutionary Taptic engine which was introduced after the removal of headphone connector. The technology behind AirPods is so magnificent that it has taken iPhone a notch higher. Through these headphones, the infamous Siri is made more personal and direct. One tap on the pod will activate the intelligent PA and all the information is controlled by a single gesture. Isn’t it amazing? Having your music, phone calls, notes and all other information in the control of your fingertips?

A pioneering step into Voice First device!

Embracing new technology, the W1 chip set and Passif [3] creates a wireless interface and is responsible for transmitting amplified sound waves through AirPods. The chip is activated only when the pods are placed inside the ear, invokes Siri and does all the work in a jiffy. They work on sensors and accelerometers which is again bringing smart technology on the bench.

The foreplay of AI and User Experience

Why are these Bluetooth pods considered as an inception? Because, in future when everything will be augmented and controlled by Artificial Intelligence, AirPods will be considered as a pedestal from where it all began.

After all, new technology is all about making user more comfortable and making interaction easier. Whilst all these devices are on a quest to inspire the world, everything ultimately boils down to creating a better user experience. Wish to know more and give your Digital Products the much needed giant leap of UX? Reach out to us!