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Building a bot is easy. Creating useful, meaningful conversations is hard. Conversable is the first SaaS platform that goes beyond providing a menu of DIY bot APIs — we take the complexity out of building, deploying, securing, and scaling conversations, as well as integrating them with critical enterprise systems. Integrating with legacy enterprise systems is challenging but critical to deliver rich functionality and utility for the end consumer. In other words, Conversable is the end-to-end solution for companies to deliver helpful and delightful conversational experiences to their customers on all messaging channels.

There’s more to building a bot and writing some scripts. For bots to be useful, they need to understand you and get things done for you efficiently. But how will that conversation go? Is it a decision tree, or is it free-form, or both? How will the bot get anything done? It has to integrate with your legacy enterprise systems. How will you then deploy that across multiple messaging channels that have different conversational interfaces, some visual, some voice, and some only text? How will you measure and improve the conversation? And that’s just scratching the surface. Conversable helps companies answer and manage all of these questions and more, so that companies can focus on delivering the right experience to their customers.

Our current target market is huge. All current research and trends show messaging as the preferred channel for millennials. Bots will replace apps and mobile web and grow exponentially. We believe that our tech, team, and strategy will enable us to win against competitors.

Conversable is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for companies to design, build, and deploy intelligent, automated conversational experiences without having to manage the complexities of multi-channel integrations, security, scaling, and ongoing maintenance on major messaging or voice applications. We also provide professional services that help companies design conversations based on best practices and advanced natural language/machine learning capabilities, as well as custom integrations to enterprise systems.

Conversable is a SaaS platform with subscription fees and also provides professional services for companies that want full-service business process analysis, expert conversation and experience design, and system integration.

As the the founder and CEO behind Chaotic Moon Studios, a global creative technology powerhouse (Acquired by Accenture NYSE: ACN), Ben Lamm spearheaded the creation of some of the Fortune 500’s most groundbreaking digital products and experiences in the emerging tech world of IoT, VR, Connected Car, Mobile, Tablet, OTT, and Wearables. Chaotic Moon Studios clients include: Disney, Marvel, Pizza Hut, Dell, Starbucks, CBS, Intel, Whole Foods, WWE, BET, Microsoft, Newscorp, Caesars Palace, GM, Univision, Fox, and many more.

Andrew Busey is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded and sold Pluck, a social media software company, to Demand Media (NYSE: DMD) and Challenge Games to Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA). Immediately prior to Conversable, Andrew was a partner at Chaotic Moon Studios, a global creative technology studio that was acquired by Accenture (NYSE: ACN). Andrew was also a Venture Partner at Austin Ventures ( focused on early stage web, mobile, and SaaS opportunities. Andrew has pioneered some of the industry’s most important Web technologies — including work on Mosaic, the first Web browser (now part of Microsoft Internet Explorer); creating iChat, the first Web-based chat system and one of the first instant messaging applications; and building WebCenter, the first Web-based customer service technology (now part of Avaya). He is a graduate in computer science from Duke University, holds an MBA from The Wharton

Since launching in June 2016, Conversable has signed Wingstop, Whole Foods, and Pizza Hut as clients. The company has also announced strategic partnerships with Booz Allen and Ernst and Young (EY). The company has received press in VentureBeat, Fortune, Techcrunch, Ad Age, Business Insider, CNET, The Dallas Morning News, and more. The company is looking for further expansion opportunities for conversational commerce in a variety of industries and sees ample opportunity for growth in this area, especially in the restaurant and hospitality industries.

This article was contributed by founders Ben Lamm and Andrew Busey.

Learn more about Conversable here.

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