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Oneiric Hockey develops innovative hockey equipment for youth that enable players to get dressed faster while providing extra protection in areas left exposed. Getting kids dressed for hockey is a hassle and current equipment on the market today forces kids to dress in 13 or more different pieces of equipment while still leaving critical gaps in safety.

Our current target market is hockey parents, coaches, and kids ages 5–13, which makes up approximately 1.1 million players in North America. Within the next year, we’ll be offering adult models and new products.

The Oneiric Protective Base Layer is a patent pending piece of hockey equipment that provides extra safety and convenience not currently offered on the market today. It’s a hybrid between protective base layer apparel and hockey equipment. Some of the features include shin pad pockets to allow players to easily slide their shin pads into place without the need for straps or tape, padding at the back of the leg to protect from flying pucks and stick slashes, a cut-resistant ankle to protect the Achilles from sharp skate blades, and a pelvic protector (cup + sock holders). For the remainder of the year we’re focused on direct customer sales and working with a few select independent retailers. In 2017, we’ll scale by focusing on mid-market independents and larger retailers.

Emily Rudow (Founder) graduated with a BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2011. She has four years of Digital Marketing experience and is a Google Certified Partner.

Kayla Nezon (Co-Founder) graduated with a BA from York University in 2009. She has experience in Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Creative Direction.

We’re heavily involved in the Waterloo startup community and are supported by our amazing mentors at Communitech, Accelerator Center, and Laurier Launchpad.

We launched in May 2016 and have had some amazing traction so far with just over 150 customers, 5 retail locations, and some great press; we’ve been featured in BetaKit, Notable, Canadian Business Magazine, and recently filmed a segment on Dragon’s Den. We’re projecting to sell our 1,000 unit order by end of 2016.

This article was contributed by founder Emily Rudow.

Learn more about Oneiric here.

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