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3 min readJun 13, 2016

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The immigration system is frustrating, confusing, stressful, and inefficient. It’s a problem for a majority of employers, and they don’t want to face it. Yet, with the skills gap feeling increasingly like a canyon, organizations are starting to think strategically about proactively incorporating international talent into their talent acquisition strategy as the only immediate answer to a sustainable talent pipeline. For nearly 20 years, VISANOW has been on a mission to help individuals grow, businesses succeed and families reconnect — by integrating the best of people and technology to simplify and expedite the immigration process.

VISANOW is unique in this space (a multi-billion dollar sub-category that addresses employer-sponsored visas) due to a powerful combination of a customer-centric mentality, patented technology, and high-quality affiliated legal representation. The company is leading the charge — helping growing companies with high-volume global immigration needs — in an industry that’s ripe for change and disruption. The dedicated and hard-working VISANOW team has the company well-positioned to continue advancing its strategy in the marketplace.

VISANOW boasts a patented cloud-based people management platform for companies leveraging both inbound and outbound international talent — offering transparent and simplified immigration services that help save time, money and stress as well as increase efficiency and knowledge. The features of its newest product release include organization and collaboration modules that allow businesses to manage their international workforce around the world from one intuitive online platform. Each customer is assigned a designated team of experienced and knowledgeable VISANOW-affiliated attorneys, who review the applications and provide consistent, proactive counsel and personalized attention. Pricing varies based on visa type; however, there is always a flat fee per case, with no hourly billing or upcharges for additional time spent. Businesses will always know their immigration costs — no surprises.

Looking ahead, VISANOW anticipates growth from further development of its technology platform, including continuing to introduce new, innovative solutions to enhance its customers’ ability to access, deploy, and manage their international workforce around the world.

After practicing law for 15 years, Robert Meltzer came to understand the profound and widely unknown and misunderstood challenges faced by immigrants and visitors to the United States. He realized the potential to streamline the immigration process by using technology and founded VISANOW. He remains an active member of the company’s board of directors. The members of the company’s executive team have held senior leadership positions at CareerBuilder,, and DRIVIN.

VISANOW is in the business of people — helping organizations hire and retain the people they require to innovate and grow and helping employees pursue their personal and professional dreams. This focus extends to its own employees as well, who, the company knows, are paramount to its success. The company is composed of people who are passionate about its mission and fosters a culture that can be best described as non-hierarchal, open, and straightforward — often the opposite of the immigration process.

VISANOW announced record growth — 61% year-over-year — for its fiscal year ending December 31, 2015. The substantial growth reflected a 50% increase in new accounts compared to 2014, including the addition of numerous large enterprise customers across a variety of industries. During the year, VISANOW strengthened its management team, added to its sales team, and made significant enhancements to its technology platform. The company migrated its technology platform to the cloud to meet growing demand and provide industry-standard, award-winning built-in security and privacy measures. In addition, the company significantly expanded its global capabilities, resulting in a considerable expansion of outbound services. The company is on pace this year to post similar record growth numbers.

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