Want to know what’s the best antivirus software to buy for your computer? I’ll tell you a secret: it’s NONE of them.

Whenever we at Techy tend to give back a laptop to a customer after being repaired a question that usually gets asked is “What’s the best sercurity software to buy and install on my computer?” The answer I give them is almost always followed with a surprised look on their face: “Oh we actually don’t recommend you buy any security software.” The reason behind this is that most, if not all, of the security software out there for purchase are usually out there for one reason, and it’s not to protect your data.

Paid antivirus software are for the most part subscription-based, meaning that to continue having protection on your computer you have to make recurring payments to the software company. I don't know about you but after paying an arm and a leg for a high quality computer I don’t want to go around and start paying again for protection that I shouldn’t have to pay for in the first place. Well good news, you don’t have to pay to protect your computer.

We here at Techy are in the business of saving our users money. We ensure that by making sure our services aren’t needed with installation of software that won’t cost a dime. Regardless of your computer’s make and model is, free security software is available for download, all you need to know, is where to look. Lucky for you, Techy is here to help!

Depending on your operating system you may already have all you need to protect your computer from harm. Windows 8 and above come with Windows Defender, Microsoft’s security software, pre-installed. If you have Windows 7 and below you’ll need to install Microsoft Security Essentials. These two programs helps protect your computer from invasive software, something no one wants to deal with.

There are plenty of other free security software out there to use but we’ve found that Microsoft’s security programs have a long standing reputation for getting the job done. If you find that security programs aren’t doing an adequate job of protect your computer you can always count on Techy!

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