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For forty years, the Tecson Orchids Corporation has been providing top quality flowers, plants, and orchids to hobbyists, collectors, and commercial growers in the Philippines and around the world. From its humble inception as a backyard greenhouse nursery of local orchid species by the late Jacinta Tecson Urban, Tecson Orchids Corporation has broadened into its Flowers and Plant Rental divisions under the creative direction of Jacinta’s daughter Jackie Salvador.

Jacinta Tecson Urban

The history of Tecson Orchids begins with Jacinta’s beloved mother, Lucia Tecson. Lucia had imbued Jacinta with a devotion and passion for the beauty and grandeur of Philippine orchids. Fondly called ‘Inang’ by her family and friends, Lucia had been an orchid trader since the 1940s and had received numerous awards from various orchid societies in the country. She was widely known among fanciers and collectors as the Grand Lady of Philippine Orchids.

rom her small but successful backyard venture, Jacinta together with her husbandPolicarpio Urban, a retired military officer, have grown in recognition as a dependable supplier of orchids worldwide. The couple acquired a 5-hectare farm in San Miguel, Bulacan which is now managed by their son, Arthur Urban. This farm guarantees that every ornamental plant or flower is expertly cultured and infused with the same love and devotion as Lucia’s treasured orchids.

Presently, Tecson Orchids Corporation has an extensive list of clientele that include Fortune 500 corporations, multi-national banks and BPO’s, to residences. Tecson prides its years of expertise and their strong commitment to excellence and creativity in order to provide you with beautiful arrangements for your home, office, or event. These have made Tecson a resilient leader in the industry.

Today, Tecson Flowers is a leading supplier of indigenous and imported species of flowering plants and has been in the professional floral trade since 1975. Tecson Flowers is involved with the design, arrangement, merchandising, display, and delivery of flowers and blooms for your choice of venue. We offer unique and award-winning creations that set the trend with our fresh, vibrant ideas and competitive prices. You can never go wrong with a Tecson creation.

Before Tecson Orchids Corporation became the successful fourth generation family-owned businesses that it is today, these important individuals have painstakingly dedicated their lives to the realization of our dream. We will be forever grateful for the accomplishments and invaluable contributions of the inimitable Jacinta Tecson-Urban and her son, the lateNelson Tecson Urban.

Your browser may not support display of this image.The July-August 1981 issue of the prestigious scientific orchid journal, The Orchid Digest, marked an important event for the history of Philippine botany. Featured in the journal were new orchid species discovered and introduced by Jacinta, including a rare and partially extinct species which was aptly named Paphiopedilum urbanianum in Jacinta’s honor by the late Dr. Jack A. Fowlie. Dr. Fowlie, the renowned editor-in-chief of the journal, had especially flown in the country in order to gather data and interview Jacinta on her discoveries. This has sparked a renewed interest among foreign and local orchid fanciers and elevated Jacinta among the luminaries of the horticultural industry. Underneath all the honors and recognition, Jacinta was a diligent worker and extremely supportive of family and friends. Tecson Orchids Corporation is an enduring testament of her love and devotion and a pillar to all orchid fanciers and collectors here and around the world.

This website is dedicated to Jacinta and in memory of her son, Nelson, who established the early stages of a prototype site before his untimely death in 2005. Taking on his mother’s vision, Nelson was inspired to share his passion and knowledge for the art of floral design to a wider customer-base during the online floral services boom of the early 2000s. His goal was to take advantage of the influence of the ‘Tecson Brand’ which had continuously been a stable player in the industry for many years. Like the flowers that he was passionate with, Nelson was jolly and bright and was highly esteemed for his hands-on approach to business. A true scion of the Tecson family, Nelson’s dream is realized in this widely-accessible tool that will continue spreading the joy and pleasure of flowers to the world.

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