But is my data secure in the Cloud?

Almost like that one final check of the Luggage before you head to the Airport, I am so often asked this question towards the end of a decision making process for Customers taking new Cloud Services.

Strange you might think, that it is not one of the first things that is asked. I would proffer a theory on this, security is actually entirely relative. For most companies what is really important, is protection of data such that a corrupted or lost version can be retrieved in the event of disaster or mishap. We actually call this resilience.

Once you have stowed away important data from internal threats of accidental deletions, only then are you left with the pure consideration of security from external threats.

The reality is, taking any statistical measure you would like, hosting your data and services with a reputable Cloud provider is many magnitudes more resilient and more secure than keeping it on your site.

I recently visited one of the datacentres of one of our suppliers, and my ID was checked four times, and photographs were taken before I could touch anything. After stepping through biometrically controlled doors I saw 4 diesel generators the size of family cars, primed and ready to power the banks of individually locked and protected servers. There was a 24/7 team of dedicated engineers for maintenance, ready to react to any emergencies instantly.

Ask yourself this, can you replicate that kind of security for your data, and even if you could — do you really want to when there is an easily available alternative already out there?

Perhaps it might be time to get that server out from under your feet, and get some real security.

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