Kick your Small Business up a gear

I am a firm believer that small Business and start-ups will drive the nation and the Economy, even in these uncertain times. I also believe that these embryonic Businesses deserve the same quality of IT services as big multinationals.

You might think that is unrealistic, and in 2005 I would have agreed with you, but times have changed and the bounty has arrived.

We are now in a place where a Business can start up tomorrow, and by the end of the day have a geographical landline number, a starter website, and business-grade email on the way to work with their laptop and smartphone so the Office can go anywhere.

This is how Tecspan started, and that grass-roots experience combined with helping all our customers embrace scalable, empowering solutions is what the Company is built on and will continue to do.

I read some quotes today from the real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort. Not exactly a model of moral fortitude, but he did say one thing that resonated: “The only thing that is standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself”.

It is easy to imagine that you can’t have big-company quality call handling for your startup, easy to assume that you will have to get by with basic email for the first few years of trading. Many people continue to tell themselves this, years after their Company could have done with something better.

The options are there, and your Business can become better streamlined and more efficient if you use them.

Find out more at and we can help resign that story to fiction.

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