There is data backup, and then there is this.

Gone are the days when data backup was confined to simply creating a flat, unintelligent copy of your files for a rainy day.

Now, when considering the essential part of Company systems that is backup, you should also factor in a new opportunity — that of better collaboration.

The modern generation of file protection software will not only protect your data, it will also layer and share it in a way that means you and your colleagues can work better together.

By using automatic agents that integrate with secure Cloud platforms, pulling together a tricky document from multiple people in different locations can be a comparative breeze.

Platforms like Google Drive, OneDrive and to certain extent dropbox, all go some way to allowing you to work the way you want to with multiple devices and smartphones orbiting your daily life.

We wanted to take this a step further though, and recognise the fact that every Company, no matter the size, is most productive when their teams are working well together.

Get a free version for life of our market-leading ABC (Access Backup and Collaboration) tool here, and see what all the fuss is about:

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