A creative effort for a memorable marketing campaign

Khana Laraha Hu is a tiffin-service from Nagpur, promising home-made style food to students and working professionals. They are on a mission to provide the daily-dose of home-made style food to everyone in Nagpur and our aim is to help them achieve that.

When the client had come with this requirement, all they had was a story of how the venture started and the amazing food they served. And that’s it, we converted their story into a communication to connect with their audience.

Starting with a logo, featuring the inspiration behind Khana Laraha Hu, our favorite and the cutest, Captain Johnny.

When we heard their story, we were awestruck and had to make the most of it in our communications.

Back in 2016, when we first met Johnny, it was almost like meeting a ball of fur with all the innocence in the world, his warmth and cuteness made our lives happy, we are sure all dog lovers will relate to this.

But little did we know that this little dog will turn out be a monster who would eat everything and anything, like literally, once he almost gulped down a tennis ball, what more should we say!

After a lot of hard work and training, he stopped eating wood and our furniture but continued to hog on to his pedigree and our food but remained grumpy forever, like what does this dog wants?!

We are not kidding you and nooo it’s not normal, it is unimaginable, where does all the food go? Does he have an invisible/ secret stomach? Whatever it is, we love him, even though we are sure he dreams of eating us up all.

Well, we draw inspiration from the ones we love, with this inspiration and the ever-so-hungryJohnny, we started our most close to the heart venture, Khana La Raha Hu… come join and share the love for food Johnny has, we are sure we all do, not as much as Johnny though!”

Recently, we created a campaign that explained specifically ‘What comes in the box of Khana Laraha Hu’. To give it an artistic feel, we created a panoramic post for Instagram, where every post had a meaning and was presented as if Captain Johnny was saying it, here’s how:

Panoramic Post

Individual Posts

That’s it! The client loved it and so did the target audience.