The Era of Millennials — A Young and Inspired Workforce

The best of the ideas come when you are young and bold’

Given the adequate amount of freedom to work and innovate, one can explore the best version of themselves. Gen Y is a lot more smart and inquisitive when it comes to adopting new technologies and ideas. We, at Tecture are sure that the Next Generation feels welcomed and motivated to change the world for the better.

Our Next Generation Network is a step ahead in the right direction, and at Tecture Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we are doing all we can to live our value of winning together, with Gen Y!

Here’s how!

Freedom to Explore

Empowering the young with responsibilities and making them realize the importance of their work is what we do. They hate being told what to do, therefore set the right context and tell them what the outcome must be. There is a special training and internship program organized, TCDC where young talent is groomed and trained to find their interests.

Setting the right work environment

Employees are an integral part of Tecture, their mental well being is of utmost importance.All our efforts are directed towards creating an environment, where we nurture them and create some of the fine talents. Empowering them to broaden their horizons, giving the freedom to plan and drive initiatives to talk about causes, issues, situations, and decisions that matter to them. As a result, our meetings don’t have pre-planned content and rigid agendas.

Leaving room for experiments

No single query has the similar solution. Constant brainstorming sessions over new ideas, technologies, and solutions help grow different perspective to all the queries. When we started the company, the projects were headed by a single manager, but our employee engagement levels continued to be low. That is when we realized that there is no middle ground for empowerment and that they wanted to make decisions, drive outcomes, and play a more substantial role rather than just help. Soon enough, we asked them to lead the projects and decide the workflow, allow them to fail and learn fast, decide the initiatives they want to drive, and that was it.

Learn and let them learn

The urge to beat the odds has always driven the young to aim for the best. In Tecture, the focus is always on learning and letting people learn and grow. It is fascinating to see how all the employees help each other to grow and develop. The level of enthusiasm and hard work always pays off in terms of customer satisfaction.

So, here we are, Gen Y ready to give us best in serving our clients with the best.