The 20 Best Survivor Series Elimination Matches of All Time

Bizarre partnerships, dumb team names, announcers vaguely rambling about “surviving”…what’s not to love about the traditional Survivor Series elimination match?

Quite a bit, apparently. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find many wrestling fans who are especially fond of the annual event or its signature match. Although the Survivor Series is the WWE’s 2nd longest running major event, it’s generally thought of as the black sheep of the Big 4 (which also includes WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and the Royal Rumble). …

The 2010s cinematic landscape will be remembered for horror. Long after the current crop of Marvel and Star Wars franchises have been remade, rebooted, or rebranded, movie lovers will look back on the ways in which atmospheric, intelligent, and socially conscious horror captured the fears and anxieties of the decade.

I love the gratuitous horror classics of the ’80s as much as anybody — your Dario Argentos and Sam Raimis and Stuart Gordons, your cartoonish slasher franchises, the NYC gutter gems from Frank Henenlotter and company — but the 2010s have undoubtedly been characterized by the “elevated horror” movement that…

The answer: More than you’d think. Most of the time, in fact.

I’ve long harbored the belief that the PPV following WrestleMania (Backlash for many years, more recently Extreme Rules and several single-brand shows) often features a better main event than the “showcase of the immortals.” It’s counterintuitive that the biggest match on the biggest show of the year could be overshadowed by the following month’s warmed-up leftovers. However, after watching main events starting in 1996 (the first year to feature a full slate of monthly PPVs), I found that to be exactly the case!

In my opinion, at least…

Ah, nu-metal — the most impassioned of all metals. In the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, middle schools across the globe were hotbeds for this groundbreaking musical movement (as well as lots of accompanying chain wallets and “Austin 3:16” shirts). It was a time when unforgettable bands like the insightful Limp Bizkit, the contemplative Papa Roach, and the sensuous Crazy Town taught 13-year-olds how to rock and, more importantly, how to feel.

Below are 16 of the finest examples of nu-metal’s evocative lyrics, paired with beautiful images to enhance their grandeur.

“Bodies” by Drowning Pool

Any successful marriage is grounded in compromise. Without mutual decision-making, how could two people possibly craft a life together which reflects each of their hopes and desires? That’s why my Valentine’s Day gift to my husband this year was getting a tattoo of only one, and not both, of the Menendez brothers.

Our marriage has been a bit rocky recently and I worry my impulsivity may be to blame. “How could you do that without asking me?” is an unfortunately common question in our household. …

Let’s keep the introduction for this self-explanatory concept to a minimum. Consider this a work-in-progress, one which I will update as I see more of 2018’s best films. Of course, I haven’t seen everything yet (or even close! I still need to catch Widows, Blindspotting, Cold War, Suspiria, Burning, Shoplifters, Sorry to Bother You, etc.). Feel free to comment with other recommendations!

If you’re interested in reading more, below most entries is a link to the full review from my site Arthouse Grindhouse.

10. Mandy

Review Link

Revenge films are a notoriously simplistic and manipulative sub-genre, so it takes something…

This list is intended for those of us who:

  • Want to watch a Christmas movie, but not, you know…a Christmas movie.
  • At the same, don’t want to be that guy who looks forward to December all year so he can walk around saying, “You know what’s actually my favorite Christmas movie? Die Hard. Seriously!”

Die Hard is, of course, a hell of a movie. But we get it already. So here are some films that are sort of about Christmas and also sort of about orgies, Satan, and crystal meth.

If you’re interested in reading more, below most entries is…

Ah, WarGames — a beloved and brutal contest involving two rings, mass carnage, and Dusty Rhodes (sounds a lot like how I envision Road Warrior Hawk’s wedding night, actually).

In honor of this weekend’s second annual NXT WarGames, I’ve ranked every televised version of the match (several were done on the house show circuit over the years) based on my own personal preferences. In this case, that means points gained for bloodshed and points lost for the sight of Vince Russo in a hockey jersey. …

  • Posted with varying degrees of explanation and links to reviews I’ve written at my film review site Arthouse Grindhouse.
  • If you’re wondering why horror film X isn’t on here, either A.) I haven’t seen it, B.) I don’t consider it horror, or C.) I think it sucks or is just like really good and not great or whatever. To paraphrase The Big Lebowski, “Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, uh, my opinion, man.” This is a list of 50 incredible flicks, but it’s certainly not comprehensive or objective. …

To celebrate the WWE’s 31st annual SummerSlam on August 19th, this comprehensive list ranks every edition of the summer spectacular’s main event. While SummerSlam will always play second fiddle to WrestleMania, that’s not necessarily a bad thing: whereas the Mania main event is the wrestling equivalent of a big, safe Hollywood blockbuster, SummerSlam has had some genuinely bizarre oddities over the years (as well as some absolute classics).

So read on and enjoying reminiscing about everything from the fake Undertaker and the mythical monster Zeus to unforgettable matches put on by the likes of Bret Hart and Daniel Bryan. …

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