TeddySwap Roadmap

9 min readNov 8, 2023

Welcome to the official TeddySwap roadmap. As we approach our mainnet launch, we wanted to take this moment to highlight our plans in the coming days, months, and years as we forge a path to deploy our next generation decentralized exchange on Cardano. Additionally, we unveil what we believe to be a unique and innovative concept of Cardano liquidity provisioning — we call it uADA.


  1. Introduction
  2. Bearing A Strong Foundation
  3. TeddySwap Roadmap
  4. Clawing The Future
  5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

TeddySwap strives to be a prominent decentralized exchange on Cardano focused on creating the ultimate trading experience.

Our journey, much like the platforms we build upon, is defined by constant evolution and unwavering resolve to empower our users at every turn. In this spirit, we share our roadmap — an articulation of our progress, our immediate next steps, and a vision that stretches into the exciting potential of the future.

In its final form, our vision for TeddySwap is to be a next-generation DEX with open source batchers, yield farming, trading competitions, stableswaps, derivatives, and a unique liquidity provision solution.

This pathway is not just a series of forward movements; it’s our collective expedition towards a new paradigm of finance, one that values transparency, inclusivity, and technological prowess. With each milestone achievement and every forthcoming initiative, we remain steadfastly committed to driving TeddySwap to new frontiers and inviting our community to be a crucial part of this transformative experience.

2. Bearing A Strong Foundation

At TeddySwap, we’ve achieved milestones that form the bedrock of our ambitious vision.

Strong Technical Expertise

Up to this point, we’ve had to hone our ability to integrate and enhance Spectrum Finance’s sophisticated codebase.

Our understanding of the Cardano ecosystem’s eUTXO model and Plutus smart contract framework has been a cornerstone of our development.

Coupled with our prowess in Haskell and functional programming, we’ve conquered the intricacies of Spectrum-specific technologies — including Plutarch-based validators, Scala web APIs, and Haskell off-chain batchers.

These are the pillars that have sculpted a steadfast foundation for TeddySwap’s future.

Testnet V1 Launch and Outcome

Our inaugural testnet, V1, was a resounding success, thanks to our community, showcasing TeddySwap’s scalability and robustness with over 400,000 successful swaps.

Fair Initial Stake Pool Offering (FISO)

Our innovative FISO represented not just a token distribution event, but a pioneering push towards achieving equitable token distribution across the Cardano network. Leveraging a blockchain-based random selection process, we navigated away from centralized decision-making and cultivated an unbiased, fair mechanism that aligned with our dedication to decentralization and community support. This code was open sourced and can be used freely by anyone across Cardano.

Initial NFT Offering (INO)

Teddy Bears Club Round 1 and 2: The launch of the Teddy Bears Club NFT series epitomizes TeddySwap’s commitment to its supporters. Beyond the conventional value typically associated with NFTs, these tokens have deepened the sense of community, belonging, and a shared vision to foster a better future.

3. TeddySwap Roadmap

These next sections highlights the immediate features of our V1 mainnet along with our future development plans. The roadmap is split into two sections: 2023 and 2024.

V1 Mainnet Launch: Bridging Vision and Reality (2023)

The TeddySwap V1 Mainnet launch marks a pivotal evolution from concept to practical application. This launch is a direct result of diligent analysis of Spectrum Finance’s code, enriched by the valuable insights gathered from extensive testnet iterations. Our streamlined MVP serves as a strong and adaptable platform base, ready to be shaped and enhanced by the real-world experiences of our users.

We invite users to partake in network optimization through the deployment of open-source batchers, embodying the decentralized ethos of blockchain technology. The mainnet is poised to introduce a framework akin to yield farming, offering liquidity providers tangible incentives.

Aligning with our goal to offer a stable trading foundation, the mainnet will prominently feature ADA/stablecoin pairs, such as ADA/cBTC, ADA/iETH, and ADA/DJED. This selection caters to users seeking reliable and predictable trading environments, crucial for various financial strategies and risk management approaches.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (2023)

The Liquidity Bootstrapping Event (LBE) is a pivotal prelude to the mainnet’s embrace by the public, designed to galvanize the essential liquidity that will fortify the robustness of TeddySwap’s market operations. Scheduled for announcement in the coming days and set to occur just two days prior to our V1 Mainnet launch, this strategic event promises to energize early liquidity providers with incentives that resonate with their foundational contributions.

ADA/Stablecoin Pairs: Embarking on a Stable Exchange Trajectory (2023)

The essence of TeddySwap’s long-term vision lies in becoming the definitive stable DEX protocol within the Cardano ecosystem. Recognizing the importance of a stable foundation, we will kickstart our journey by prioritizing liquidity for ADA/stablecoin pairs. Such pairs are foundational not only because they align with our immediate goals but also because they pave the way for the stablecoin-centric operations that define TeddySwap’s ultimate vision.

From day one, TeddySwap V1 will initiate a trusted AMM protocol that allows users to provide liquidity and earn yields on the Cardano ecosystem’s leading stablecoins.

As we progress to TeddySwap V2, our sights are firmly set on an enhanced AMM model designed around a stableswap invariant. This evolution will finely tune our liquidity pools, reducing impermanent loss susceptibility and creating a seamless trading experience with minimal slippage for those exchanging stable assets.

TeddySwap’s concentration on stablecoins is a crucial strategy, one that promises a landscape wherein traders can confidently and efficiently move between stable assets. By providing a smoother swapping experience with low fees and refined pricing, we create a sanctuary for those looking to mitigate the volatility commonly associated with cryptocurrency markets.

Trading Competitions (2023)

To catalyze engagement and showcase the prowess of TeddySwap’s infrastructure, we will host a series of trading competitions. These events provide opportunities for traders to excel in a dynamic environment, winning prizes that underscore our appreciation for their participation. Through these competitions, we aim to foster a vibrant community spirit and highlight the capabilities of TeddySwap’s platform while also driving DEX activity.

4. Clawing the Future

Federated Mempool: A Step Towards Democratic DeFi (2024)

In our quest for a fair and inclusive trading environment, TeddySwap addresses a significant challenge faced by Cardano exchanges: the skewed access to the mempool. A pattern has emerged where transactions within the mempool can be dominated by certain entities, hindering the wider batcher community from participating equally in the execution of trades and profit generation. To combat this and level the playing field, TeddySwap is pioneering the concept of Federated Mempools.

This novel approach allows any participant to run a mempool proxy node, democratizing access to real-time mempool data and submission of transactions across the ecosystem. We are committed to mirroring all transactions processed through our dApp to these Federated Mempool clusters. By doing so, we not only bolster transparency but also ensure that all batchers have equal opportunity to optimize their strategies, thereby enhancing the overall fairness of the TeddySwap platform.

Beyond mere access, we are dedicated to tooling and integration support. We plan to provide robust SDKs and APIs, empowering external entities like wallet vendors to keep users informed about the status of their transactions, whether pending or confirmed. Wallets are also enabled to interact seamlessly with these nodes, furthering our vision of a decentralized financial ecosystem where barriers to entry are dismantled, and equitable participation is the norm.

The introduction of the Federated Mempool is a testament to TeddySwap’s commitment to innovation that serves the community’s interests and sustains the foundational principles of DeFi.

Introducing uADA: A Revolutionary Concept in Liquidity Provision (2024)

TeddySwap is proud to announce the upcoming launch of a novel sub-product within our ecosystem, aptly named “uADA” — which fittingly stands for “ADA that belongs to ‘U’ (you).”

We believe uADA is an exciting innovation that has the potential to alter liquidity provisioning on Cardano.

A full article explaining the details and framework for uADA will be released within 48 hours.

TeddySwap UI V2 (2024)

The TeddySwap UI V2 positions itself as a transformative upgrade, enabling a highly responsive and intuitive trading interface. The new UI is designed to provide real-time market updates and leverage the global mempool, bringing transaction finality closer to the speed of centralized exchanges without compromising on decentralization. Features like an intuitive dashboard with token rankings similar to CoinMarketCap, personalized wallet portfolio management, and advanced TradingView charts drawing data straight from the blockchain are set to offer a comprehensive and competitive trading experience that aligns with the best in the centralized and decentralized worlds.

StableSwap: Crafting Stable DeFi for Tomorrow (2024)

At the heart of our stable-focused strategy lies the anticipated StableSwap mainnet release — our platform’s evolution into a specialized hub for stablecoin conversions. The transition from testnet to live operations is expected to be smooth, bolstered by the robust testing and feedback process. With a firm focus on stability and efficiency, our StableSwap mainnet will offer an experience that is both trustworthy and transformative, allowing users to navigate through stablecoin swaps with unprecedented ease and assurance. As we inch closer to this landmark achievement, we will keep our community informed and involved, as their support and participation will be invaluable in this pivotal stage.

Derivatives Trading: A New Frontier in TeddySwap’s DeFi Ecosystem (2024)

One of TeddySwap’s most ambitious initiatives on the roadmap is the introduction of a robust derivatives trading platform. Recognizing the tremendous potential and immediate demand within the derivatives market on Cardano, we are channeling our development efforts towards establishing a state-of-the-art system that caters to this sophisticated sector.

Our endeavors in this space are fueled by an acute awareness that the underlying technology must be capable of supporting high-frequency and complex financial transactions. To ensure that we provide our community with an exemplary trading experience, we’re undertaking a comprehensive research and development strategy to integrate cutting-edge scalability and interoperability features of the Cardano blockchain and beyond.

Layer 2 Technologies and Sidechains (2024)

To achieve the swift transaction finality required for derivatives, our focus extends to various layer 2 solutions and sidechains. They are the cornerstone for scaling TeddySwap to handle the exigent pace of derivative trades effectively.

With a targeted kickoff for the development of derivatives compatibility in Q2 2024, we anticipate this period will enable us to lay a solid foundation and refine our approach through engagement with the Cardano community. The derivatives trading feature is envisioned to offer fresh liquidity avenues, optimize financial strategies, and extend a lucrative revenue model that benefits the entire TeddySwap ecosystem.

The path towards launching derivatives on TeddySwap is not just about trading options; it’s about fortifying our DEX with the infrastructure that can effortlessly meet the rigorous demands of a multifaceted financial landscape. This key addition to our roadmap signifies a major leap in TeddySwap’s evolution and our ongoing commitment to innovation, community empowerment, and the growth of DeFi on Cardano.

Enhanced Analytics Tools: Insightful Data for Informed Decisions (2024)

To equip users with the ability to make informed trading and investment decisions, TeddySwap is dedicated to providing enhanced analytics tools. These tools will offer a wealth of real-time data, market trends, and insights derived directly from TeddySwap’s trading activity. By integrating advanced analytics within our UI, we will enable both novice and experienced traders to navigate the DeFi space with confidence and clarity.

These enhanced analytics are not merely add-ons but integral components of our mission to make DeFi accessible and comprehensible. They serve as powerful aids in our user’s financial explorations, enabling them to harness the full potential of TeddySwap’s rich trading environment.

5. Conclusion: A DeFi Ecosystem Tailored for Tomorrow

As we advance through the stages outlined in our roadmap, TeddySwap remains unwavering in its pursuit to curate a DeFi ecosystem that embodies the core values of decentralization, stability, and community. Our meticulous approach to delivering a seamlessly integrated platform, coupled with community-centered initiatives, sets the stage for TeddySwap to flourish as a pioneering stable DEX protocol on the Cardano network.

Our journey strives to be one of ceaseless innovation, driven by an unwavering dedication to our users and their experiences. With open arms, we invite contributors, traders, and enthusiasts alike to be a part of this evolutionary tale — a narrative where each chapter is influenced by the collaborative efforts of our esteemed TeddySwap community.

Together, let’s embark on this expedition toward redefining the landscape of decentralized finance. Join us as we venture beyond today’s achievements to unlock the truly extraordinary potential of an inclusive, interconnected, and innovative DeFi future.

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