How wet your tobacco should be for a good smoke

Beginner’s Guide to Pipe Smoking by Ted

Before we go on to the How to pack a pipe section you need to know about how wet your tobacco is supposed to be. If the tobacco is too dry it will crumble to dust in your hands which also makes filling the pipe evenly difficult, burn fast, offer a harsh smoke, and most likely to lack the flavours that was there originally. On the other hand too wet would result in a steamy, mute flavoured bowl and a messy goo at the bottom of the pipe given that you actually manage to get it light. For beginners this is all you need to know for now.

Mississippi River Pipe Tobacco My fav

So what is the right amount of moisture in your tobacco you might ask well the perfect moisture level is different in each tobacco but there is a rule that we can go by as a general measure. Its easy to tell if tobacco is too dry it completely falls apart at the slightest touch and crumbles to dust however if too moist you can press the tobacco into a ball and it will remain that way. The optimum wetness in a tobacco is when it doesn’t fall apart, it can take some force when handled and when pressed into a ball it springs right back into shape.

But in the end its all about touch and learn. Feel to see what level of wetness works for you and change accordingly. If its too wet pour it out to dry for an hour or so. The too dry part we won’t be getting into that just yet and you don’t really need it now anyways unless you have some aged tobacco that dried out.

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