Bringing back the Pipe: Beginner’s Guide to Pipe Smoking

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Pipe Smoking is a dying art that is fading away in the modern world and that is a sad thing indeed thus as a Pipe Smoking enthusiast I’m here to share my experiences about pipe smoking so that it may lure some few to join my wonderful journey of Pipe Smoking (not weed).

My name is Ted a beginner, who just took up pipe smoking a little over 9 months ago practically on a whim and now it has become my most favorite and relaxing hobby ever. I know what you all think that pipes are old school or for old people but why i ask should you let that stop you? It only seems hard because you need good advice on how to start and that whats this blog is all about. Now before we begin I must say that this blog is based on my personal experiences alone and advice from the magnificent chaps from the Bangkok Pipe Club. Pipes is a very personal experience and differs with each person however this blog can give you guidelines as you dive into the fantastic world of pipes.

Many people today thinks that pipe smoking is old fashioned not in tuned with the times however to me therein lies the charm. To me pipe smoking is when the old meets the new and comes into perfect harmony. Forget Cigarettes, forget vaping jump into something worth enjoying, smells wonderful and not to mention incredibly cool and sexy. Also if you love cigars already, pipes is the next best thing if not better! And not the mention cheaper, or if you always thought cigarettes smells horrible and wants to try smoking something that smells good for a change come this way. Smoking a pipe shows that you are classy, patient, and a man or a women of style and great taste. As presented below:

Pipes can fit any style!!

Pipes is for everyone but its especially good for people who:

  • Want to quit cigarettes
  • Cigars have become too expensive
  • You hate that cigarettes smell and taste like crap
  • Want to smoke something chemical free
  • To smoke something that could last an hour and not 5 minutes
  • Who wants to look cool and enjoy something relaxing
Pipes can fit any lifestyle!!
Even for Mr. Vader who wants to conquer the universe….

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Last Notes

If anyone has any question please feel free to ask in the comments below and I will do my best to answer back. Even if I don’t know the answer I’m sure the people in Bangkok Pipe Club in Facebook will. Thanks for reading.

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