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I like how you left out anything about Papadopolous drunkenly revealing to an Australian ambassador about how the Russians had damaging information on Clinton. He duly reported this to the FBI, which prompted an investigation and wire taps. IT WAS NOT JUST THE DOSSIER.

It is also emblematic of conservatives to expect a “simple description” of an incredibly complex series of events, without using corroborating information sources, as somehow being an indicator of the quality of an argument. Many aspects of your “simple description” are flat out inaccurate and/or irrelevant, but if you don’t allow the introduction of contradictory evidence you can and will just dismiss any argument made against you.

Also, why is “charges are being considered against Steele” being stated as evidence of anything? Logic fail. You know who else lied to Federal authorities? Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, etc. ad nauseum. It is laughable to ignore the endless stream of lies, distortions, and trampling of democratic norms being perpetrated in this fiasco, and write the whole thing off as some kind of bitterness about the election. It’s not. Grow up.

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