Risky business.
Kady M.

Risky business. If a substantive part of Trump’s base believes he’s been railroaded, then you’re starting a cycle of elect-the-new-guy-and-impeach-him-immediately recriminations. You thought gridlock was bad under Bush-after Iraq and Obama? Just wait. You’re asking for far worse.

Not really. Trump’s base is a small portion of the population. Most of them would believe the sky is green if he said so, so I don’t really care about trying to reason with them. Furthermore, in order for there to be recriminations, there would have to be, you know, actual cause. Remember when you people were making a fuss about impeaching Obama right after he got elected? There’s a reason it never went anywhere. And I’m not terribly concerned about gridlock being worse either. Not really possible after Obama’s last 6 years.

Ah yes. Hotel rooms.

Um, no. Stop burying your head in the sand. There is no such thing as a “minor” violation of the Constitution.

No, you haven’t established that. “Give the guy a break” is not a cover up, and certainly not impeachable.

Because Trump so often sticks up for other people, right? And come on: he asks everyone out of the room, including the attorney general, and then asks the director of the FBI to drop a federal investigation? Then later tweets that he fired Flynn because he lied to the FBI. Yeah, that’s a coverup.

No, you’ve established that they met with Russians for the purposes of oppo research (common practice), lied about it (kind of embarrassing, that) and got Trump to do something irrelevant to the core issue.Again, pretty fucking tame.

How many excuses for this administration are you going to make? It’s hardly “common practice,” the lying about it was illegal, and then Trump deliberately crafted more lies to cover up the nature of the meeting. Tame? Head in the sand again.

Subjective term; your opinion.

Right. So the President issuing literally 5+ lies per day for an entire year is normal? He has the vocabulary and attention span of an 8 year old. He regularly insults and attacks anyone who dares criticize him. Gold star families. Former POW Senators. News show hosts. Individual reporters. He understands almost nothing about the complexities of the government (“Who knew healthcare could be so complicated?”). He constantly obsesses about crowd sizes, or being treated fairly, or Hillary Clinton. If you had a coworker who, at the weekly staff meeting, proclaimed that everything he worked on was “like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” or “very very amazing,” you would immediately blow them off as a know-nothing kiss-ass. This is your President. Stop carrying water for him.

Buying a 100K worth of ads in a billion dollar campaign? No. Certainly not “hostile” in the military sense. Besides, if that’s “hostile”, then we need to revisit our behavior in both the last Israeli elections and the Brexit matter. Seems we’ve been more “hostile” than they, especially in that we’ve just this week sounded off on the Russian elections as well… Everyone agrees there was some “meddling”. When you ask them the SCOPE of that meddling, if it really changed anyone’s votes, everyone gets real quiet. Because to claim that it did might precipitate laughter.

Are you kidding me? You really think that’s all there was to it? A concerted effort over multiple years to clandestinely sow discord in our public spheres through troll farms; hacking the DNC and releasing their emails to stoke anger; instigating confrontations through Facebook gatherings; spreading of misinformation by RT and Sputnik. Were you unaware of these things, or are you just willfully ignoring them? Hundreds of millions of people saw these kinds of reports and ads; Trump won with a few thousand votes in a few key places. And you’re going to tell me the Russian efforts had no effect? That’s just shameful. And please elaborate on how exactly our behavior towards Russia and Israel’s elections are (a) similar to what we experienced, or (b) relevant to this discussion. Now you’re carrying water for Russia, too. What’s going on there?

Here. Except for Fox and the right wing talkers (that adds up to about 5–10% of the total media) Obama’s coverage was highly positive. Now we’re seeing the other side of the coin, where the ONLY positive coverage is coming from Fox and the right wing talkers. If you think there’s even close to a comparison between those two scenarios, I have a bridge to sell you.

Fox News, as they are so fond of exclaiming, has been the most-watched news channel for a decade. Right-wing radio has essentially no competition from the left. Where do you come up with 5–10% from? How much positive coverage of Obama were those outlets presenting?

Nope. Tens of thousands of Americans are dead because of that “reach”. It was fairly major.

You missed my point. That was 15 years ago, and precisely because it was such a big mistake it is even more unreasonable to think that the IC didn’t make any changes to the way it digests and acts on information.

If any of these agencies do become “above” being questioned, then we’re well on our way to having our very own Secret Police.

Interesting you should mention that…https://theintercept.com/2017/12/04/trump-white-house-weighing-plans-for-private-spies-to-counter-deep-state-enemies/

Obviously false if somebody looks at the marginal rates. The World Average is 22.6%, while the all-in US rate was 39%. (We’re STILL above the world average, if you add in state taxes.)

No, 39% is the statutory rate. The AVERAGE rate was much lower than that. Corporate welfare absolutely plays a role. Nobody would argue about cutting the rate to some lower number, as long as it was a floor that could not be circumvented like the major corporations do. But no, the GOP would rather give their corporate donors more money in their pockets, while continuing to screw the little guy.

Again, simply put, there is a reason why all the Dems were all-in on corporate tax reform until Trump was going to get credit.

Yeah, there is: Trump did it by exploding the deficit instead of offsetting the revenue loss. We already covered this; Trump “getting credit” has nothing to do with it.

It;s really amazing how Democrats turned into the Fuck-the-little-guy party. Happened so fast.

Huh? How does“corporations don’t pay enough taxes” translate to “fuck the little guy?”

Then let’s all hope that we get to 4% and stay there. Of course, we could always CUT something, but I’ve been an adult since the late 70’s, and I’ve never seen the government cut a single fucking thing, other than the sequester, and even that tiny amount of money caused a neocon dustup of mammoth proportions.

That would be wonderful, but I don’t think it’s likely. There are certainly no analyses that indicate the tax bill will contribute to that goal. And hope is not a strategy.

Sorry. We did eight years with nothing accomplished but a universal health care plan that wasn’t universal, and provided health insurance nobody could use at a price they couldn’t afford (unless the government was picking up the tab.)

Gay people might disagree with your assessment that nothing was accomplished in Obama’s 8 years. As would the millions of people who now have health insurance they couldn’t afford before. Stop being so pessimistic. It’s like you’re ingesting nothing but conservative media.

He did [press for a public option]. He had a revolt in his own party.

Revisionist history. There was a revolt from Republicans, and democrats tried to compromise. An ideologue would have kept the public option in play.

You’re an excellent apologist for a presidency that contained no lasting achievements.

And you’re an excellent apologist for a childish, ignorant, racist, misogynist, proto-fascist, possibly-compromised authoritarian whose only lasting accomplishment so far has been giving $1T to rich people, financed by poor people.

Sorry, 2.04%. Who’s ignoring what?…Oh, bullshit. That risk was never on the table. Get your head out of the lefty bubble.

I didn’t, but I will grant you it was subtle. I’ll be more direct now, and I’ll even use your favorite argument: the recovery in GDP growth wasn’t great, but it’s a whole lot better than what we had going into Obama’s tenure. The housing market was collapsing, banks were going under, the automotive industry was on the verge of failure, and we were losing 700,000 jobs MONTH, but sure I’ll just take your word for it that another Depression was “never on the table.” For someone who claims to be “data-driven,” you repeatedly fail to support your positions with data-driven arguments. Nor do you answer the questions I pose to you that are intended to get you to examine your assumptions and logical consistency. You’re obviously intelligent enough to critically examine your own opinions; you should do more of it.

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