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Well, you got your wish; they released the memo. From Jennifer Rubin, a conservative political commentator:

  • There is no explanation that FISA courts set a high bar for issuance of warrants and generally require multiple pieces of evidence.
  • There is no acknowledgment that Steele was a respected former MI6 agent or that some of his findings were confirmed by evidence provided from other sources. (Nunes says they were “minimally” sourced.)
  • There is no recognition the intelligence community already had Page on its radar screen as early as 2013.
  • There is no indication Steele knew who had funded the dossier (which was begun for a right-leaning publication and later financed by a Democratic associate of Hillary Clinton’s campaign).
  • There is no proof Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein thought the dossier was unreliable.
  • There is no proof anything in the dossier was in fact false.
  • There is no proof that special counsel Robert S. Mueller III or FBI Director Christopher A. Wray (whom Trump hired) had anything to do with the application for the warrant or that it affected their work. Both were hired the year after the initial FISA warrant request.
  • There is no reason spelled out why Rosenstein, whom Trump later appointed, would have intentionally misled the court.

Care to amend your position?

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