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You are so completely full of shit. You can’t even address very simple points that multiple readers have posted. FISA warrants do not work the way you are claiming. You ignored that. Multiple Trump associates have lied repeatedly about their contacts with Russia, which is odd for people who have nothing to hide. You deflected. The memo itself indicates Popodopoulos was responsible for the start of an investigation. You not only ignored that, you used the fact that Strzok was involved to jump immediately to an opposite conclusion. When asked to specifically rebut something, a request you repeatedly make of others, you again completely fail. And lastly, you take every word of the Nunes memo, which was explicitly refuted by both the FBI and the rest of the committee, as gospel WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. Look past your ridiculous hatred of Hillary Clinton and focus on the traitorous assholes undermining our country. You are fucking aiding and abetting them.