5 Places Digital Natives should work at!

These are the workplaces where the youngest and brightest want to realise their ambition.

1. Adobe: Build the Creative Economy

No single company in the world is as loved by the creative community as Adobe and that’s because every year they keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for an artist to accomplish in the modern world. So, if you’re a technophile, an artist, a people person or anyone else who wants to help change the world by empowering others with the tools they need to make then this is THE place to work at!

Google — Reimagine our Digital Future

Google became Alphabet in 2015 because the company finally revealed its true ambitions of reimagining our digital future. Google isn’t just a search engine anymore. It’s a mobile operating system, a video destination, a cloud titan, a self-driving car startup, a robotics giant and much more.

Add free gourmet food, pet-friendly offices, onsite doctor visits and massages to such sweeping ambition and it’s no surprise that everyone dreams to work or intern at Google .

GE — A 124 year old startup

GE was originally founded by Thomas Edison and has given the world locomotive engines, jet engines, x-ray machines, MRIs. But today, they have a different story. This digital industrial company is leveraging the power of the physical and the digital to transform the way machines work; and lead the digital industrial era. They launched their own cloud-based operating system, Predix, for the Industrial Internet of Things. With this technical leadership, GE promises to become one of the top 10 software companies by 2020. The Digital Twin, their “killer app” for the industrial internet is a software model that combines data and knowledge of industrial assets and processes with intelligence in the form of analytics. The data economy for the industrial world has arrived, and GE is in a unique position to lead it.

ISRO — Innovating to Serve a Billion Indians

Ask any child what they want to be when they grow up and the dreamers will always say astronaut or rocket scientist! Space is our final frontier and there’s something about seeing the starlit sky that fascinates all humans. If you’re one of those brave souls who wants to explore the cosmos and hasn’t given up on your curiosity then ISRO is a place that will excite and challenge you as you serve your nation!

Facebook — Connecting Everyone on Earth

Facebook isn’t just a social network, it’s a way of life for Digital Natives and the nearly 2 billion people that live and breathe its family of apps on a daily basis. If connecting every single person on the planet and giving them their voice is something you find exciting then you won’t find a better place to work at than Facebook 👍