The 4 most happening College fests Throughout India!

For most colleges, having numerous events is crucial to consider themselves a “success”. Here are four colleges that have adhered to the policy of ‘Quality over Quantity’ and through that, shone in their respective fields:

MALHAR, St. Xaviers College, Mumbai

Apart from having one of the most diverse crowds in the country, MALHAR is known for its rampage DJ nights, thought-provoking parliamentary debates and mesmerizing guest speakers. The ability to combine fun and learning while offering a wide platter of noteworthy events has always been complimented by participants and onlookers alike.


Known as the better half of the IITs of India, VIT has held some of the best fests of the nation. Their annual fest RIVIERA, apart from its outstanding planning and execution, is widely appreciated for basing itself on themes such as “Celebrating 100 years of Cinema in India.” Such initiatives by the college compel their participants to think differently in even the most mundane events.


Aside from offering experiences that are common to most fests across the country, NITK is known to offer free self-defense classes to all its participants and to its own student population during its annual fest INCIDENT. This propels it to the top of most lists as it seeks to explore new territory (fest-wise, at least).


With absolutely no need for introduction, MOODI has managed to charm everybody year after year without fail starting from 1971. What makes this fest different from most others is the intensity of participation that is only seen increasing with each passing year especially for their music-oriented events.

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